By yamblam5 - 29/05/2016 03:32 - United States - Monroe

Today, it's been months since I graduated university. I still haven't managed to land a single interview. Meanwhile my brother recently woke up from a week long bender, realized he had no money for weed, went out, and 4 days later landed a well paid sales job 15 minutes from home. FML
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He probably made a holocaust joke and made the boss laugh.

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His motivation was weed. What is yours? Find it. Also, your bro has got game.


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man_in_black08 28

His motivation was weed. What is yours? Find it. Also, your bro has got game.

He probably made a holocaust joke and made the boss laugh.

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If you look real close you'll see that north carolina and canada are different places.

Is this a normal thing to do? Because this dude's in North Carolina, and the other guy's in Canada.

I bet you've seen the FML /work/21563988

Ask someone to look over your resume, go to career fairs and try to stay positive! Good luck OP!

This, especially if you aren't getting calls. A second and even third set of eyes can't hurt - just make sure it is someone who has no qualms about being honest. I had my mother in law do mine as she not only is honest but is a college professor who has helped many students get jobs.

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nice. it seems your brother is better at job hunting than you are. try asking him for help.

not really getting a low paying sales job is much easier than getting a job that requires a degree and experience

What is your degree and what are you applying for? If you are applying for high level jobs without experience, it makes sense that you're not getting interviews. Sales jobs usually don't have requirements other than a high school diploma. While you're waiting to get interviews, try to get an entry level job to support yourself and so you can say that you've been doing something other than sitting around.

I'll also add that if it's a locally owned store or a franchise, it's not unlikely that he had friends that worked there who could put in a good word.

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Thank you, just because you graduated uni doesnt mean you automaticaly get a certain job. The is too much information left out in the fml.

I agree. Op could have a degree in picking up cow shit

I feel like it would be relatively easy to get hired for a job that's just picking up cow shit... you might have to move somewhere with more cows, though.

Sales jobs are the oddballs of the working world. If you've got the gift of gab, you can land one easy. Hang in there OP, and consider doing some volunteer work while you're waiting for your turn. It looks better to say you've been filling your time productively, and it is a real confidence booster!

Volunteer work also can lead to permanent jobs.

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You should be happy from your brother. Maybe smoke a joint with him and find out his secret

Sounds like a situation that happened with my mom and husband. My mom had been looking for a job with a vet and couldn't find one for weeks, meanwhile, my husband moved down to my city and found a job within a day because he applied to 30 jobs on Craigslist. Keep your head up, OP. You'll find something soon! Ask your brother what he did, maybe he can help you out.

Life can be ironic op, just don't give up.