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  Shadow_Phantom  |  26

Yeah YDI.

Why do people post these types of things "I saw really cute person and did [] which led to [] FML" It's ALWAYS a YDI. I'm glad I never went through this stage in my life; I got a BF and settled down. XD


Exactly. They're not. Hair flips are done only in movies and in commercials when the fan's blowing in the background.

Seriously girl, all you need is a nice smile and confidence. Chick at the coffeeshop earlier today caught my eye fast. She was obvious about being interested, but not too showy. Cute, enough said.

  bbobe900000  |  0


but anyway, "I acted all cool" okay. if you're not being yourself, then you just fail. I'm terrible at flirting, and I'm jealous of people who can flirt. But I also don't try to flirt because it's just plain awkward. Don't TRY to 'act all cool' because it just ends up with failing. so YDI

  weirdgirl_sf  |  0

You are totally right. Trying to "act all cool" all most always ends up with the person looking like a dumb ass. If you think someone's so awesome just go say hi, regardless of how they respond you will seem like way less of a freak show.


Who cares? You are just as capable of starting a conversation as any guy. Or can women not do everything men can do? Or they shouldn't? Wait a second... that's sexism. But you still won't start a conversation or ask a guy out, even as you bitch about not being able to play on a men's hockey team.

Holy Christ, just go talk to him instead of trying to get his attention. If a guy thinks you're attractive, it will be because you have a great body, nice face, cool style, etc. You flipping your hair around will do nothing to change his mind.

Whatever, YDI for acting like somebody else to impress somebody you'll never talk to in your lifetime.