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All OP's girlfriend needs to do now is get some skittles tattooed and the picture will be complete.

  gntfmlingnow  |  12

I would totally get pony tattoos, but only in less than visible places. And preferably nonsexual ones, because I feel like having anything pony related around my genitals would probably screw me in the long run


Okay guys, should I explain my comment? I was pretending to speak as though I was Fluttershy....since my profile pic is of her.

Also, the term "Brony" IS a unisex term. Look it up.


144- I wasn't "role playing." I was typing the way Fluttershy would speak, because I knew people would read the comments in her voice. Making judgements about people makes YOU look like the stupid one :)

146- Thanks :)

196- My evil plan is working ;)
(ps. I read your comment in Rainbow Dash's voice)

  l23VIVE  |  17

I Saw a picture once of a tattoo above a girl's pubes that said "Keep off the grass" and her pubes were dyed green. Pretty freakin epic if you ask me