By TRAMATIZED - 08/09/2009 22:08 - Canada

Today, my boyfriend decided it would be hot to get it on in the gym storage room at school. Apparently so did my Chemistry and Drama teachers. FML
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This is SO fake! Come on, know one "gets it on" in school ******* storage closets. FYL for being a little perverted 9 year old boy who makes up totally unrealistic stories. fmylife.com really needs to sort them out better!

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okay, this is freakin hilarious. and yeah, a whole lot of this crap is fake. but the opposite happened to me and my boyfriend last year, we were both college freshman and it was actually in a janitor closet in one of the main builings. we stayed after class and hid there for a while, maybe a half hour, while the building cleared out. we could see the lights go off outside. we started taking our clothes off when the biotech and English teachers walked in, started kissing and making out, and it took them a full minute to notice our presence towards the back of the closet. AWKWARD. but not an FML. my boyfriend said "hey, we were here first!" and the two teachers just left and didnt mention it again. now theyre married.

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YDI For being in a ******* school. I know it would be "hotter that way" or whatever but there's better places.

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ha ha. thought the same thing 71

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omg, I accidentally walked in on my math teacher and the vice principal doing it in her class room, it was weird

alberta Canada FTW! I used to live in Calgary. any way.... was there a foursome?

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coming from a man with a twilight picture

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that's great! ydi. could get kicked out for that..

they saw their TEACHERS getting it on. the teachers have way more to lose for getting it on during school, especially since students saw them, and could lose their teching license and get fired. so dont think the teachers are gonna tattle to the principle and get them in touble too.. unless theyre evil and deny why they were there...

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Lol, i think that qualifies for your 1st tazmanian cluster ****

**** me, this gave me a ******* heart attack. How the **** do you not know how to spell CHEMISTRY PROPERLY!! Maybe you should stop trying to get ******* laid and actually go to some of your ******* lessons. Omfg! Literally oh my ******* god.

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can you drop the f bomb /one/ more time please? i dont think they heard ya :]

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#8- that's what i also realized first. lol.

#8 ??he spelled it right..... unless he changed it

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do not use our Lords name with the f word unfront of it.

Oh my ******* GOD. Oh my ******* GOD. Oh my ******* GOD. Welcome to the Internet.


Chill out man. Firstly you're missing the whole point of the FML, which wasn't the spelling but rather the story. Secondly, I've seen more atrocious spelling crimes. :o

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Fyl. And learn how to spell. 'traumatized'

I think it was a pun, because the drama teacher joined in.