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By Alexander D. - 14/07/2012 00:48 - United States

Today, I was fired for telling a customer's kid to shut his mouth. As revenge, I sent the CEO a picture I acquired months ago of my boss drunkenly pissing on a cow. He wrote that it was the funniest thing he had ever seen, and that I am "clearly an insufferable killjoy; a total liability to the company." FML
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Mate, no matter how bratty the kid is, suck it up and be nice. It's your job and you're there to serve the customer.

You are stupid if you think you can tell a customer's kid to shut their mouth, even if they do need to.


Mate, no matter how bratty the kid is, suck it up and be nice. It's your job and you're there to serve the customer.

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I agree 100%. OP, you have to separate your views from your work. When you are an employee you are dispensable. There will always be someone else who wants a job, and your boss will not think twice about firing you if you run your mouth. There will always be a replacement. Keep your emotions separate and maybe you'll keep your job next time.

Yeah, I work at BK and you have to be nice to the customer. It doesn't matter if they call you a moron, it's customer service and you ha e to deal with it. Op sounds like a dick though. It seems like he saved the picture of his boss to use against him/her. I'm glad the revenge didn't work for op.

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Space instead of the v thats how.

Pardon me, When did the service industry workers become the doormat of society? I am barraged with rude ignorant entitled insufferable meat sacks on a daily basis. Sure, OP didn't have to tell a kid to shut up, but of it was relevant to communication, someone should have silenced the noise machine.

In denmark, where i am from.. if people Harass the employees they will be banned to come there again. Whom the F decided people should take insults for money? Thats not a job, employees are not zombies they are human beings and costumors have to be just as polite to them. Its just effin manners against strangers.

^and manners are you don't discipline someone else's child. The customers who are a reason that person has a job decided they should take whatever is dished at them. They're not zombies no, but they aren't exactly there for leisure either.

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68 had the best comment in this thread. Just because we work with the public doesn't mean we can be verbally abused. (we don't get paid enough to deal with it) Props to OP for trying to get revenge; since he had lost his job there wasn't anything else to lose.

Sounds to me like 75 is an unemployed douche bag who feels the need to talk down to every employee they come across while paying with their food stamps. Seriously if that is your mentality, I don't want you anywhere near my business.

I work at Mark's (Canadian clothing store) and if I even thought of putting a bratty kid in his place, that would be the end of it all lol bite your tongue, it's only a temporary annoyance. Now because of something stupid you did over something temporary, you permanently lost your job. Great job.

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I totally agree. Customers can be terrible but you just have to deal.

#75 Where do you work? Can I come dish some insults to you then

You are stupid if you think you can tell a customer's kid to shut their mouth, even if they do need to.

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Agreed, you're kind of an ass, OP. Being friendly to customers is part of your job. Learn how.

OP, you're being paid to assist customers, not to parent other people's children. YDI completely

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If the kid was crying loud enough, he certainly had the right to! Maybe it wasn't the best idea being he was a staff member but customers aren't appealed to children screaming in stores. He could have had millions of legit reasons. One being that customers would like a quiet and or semi quiet place to shop without hearing the wailing of a child.

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There's a huge difference between asking a customer to quiet their child (politely) and telling the kid to shut his/her mouth.

38- While OP did have the right to say whatever he saw fit (good old First Amendment), he should have had the self control and courtesy to say it in an appropriate manner. OP- You deserve it for running your mouth, and assuming your "revenge" would get you anywhere.

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Yep, smooth move. Revenge is always the best move in the business world. It obviously turned out great for you! Oh. Wait. YDI.

Revenge and business never goes together. OP needs to learn that for their next job.

klovemachine 24

What? Should the OP have went away quietly? I don't think so!

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You might want to wait until yo have stronger blackmail than a good ol' fashioned cow pissing. ...I don't see what your endgame was with that one.

kodinbug 2

What's cow pissing? Whatever it is, it sounds like pretty strong revenge!!! :)

if it was a picture from his personal life, depending on how bad, it can't exactly get him fired. if it was a picture of him stealing money or vandalizing the company's property, op may have had better luck. ydi


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What an intelligent response! Please, tell me more. >.<

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I'd LOVE to tell you more! But I'd much rather tell you to go screw yourself. It's FML, asshole. Quit taking it (and yourself) so seriously.

Cow pissing = peeing on a cow while it sleeps. Poor cow.

It's your job... Just go with it. I've tried fighting it and it always ends badly!

Well you were fired at that point anyway so the CEO didn't have to be concerned about you being a liability

I think the CEOs point was that it was a good thing OP was fired.

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Man why not abruptly tape the kid's mouth shut while you're at it?! It would've had the same outcome! Except, you know, the charges...

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Revenge is never the answer OP. And you never tell a customer, or a customers kid to shut it. You simply smile and act like it never bugged you. Its not like they'll be there forever, it's just for that brief moment.

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I've said this before. It wasn't the best idea for him to tell the kid that being he WAS staff but customers aren't attracted to wailing kids and neither are staff members that have been there all day and or all hours of the day. Parents need to learn that. That people don't like to hear screaming kids no matter where they are.

If you don't want to hear screaming kids, don't go out in public during the daytime. Don't catch any planes, either. And it's pretty much a requirement of certain areas of retail and customer service to have to put up with screaming kids.

@ 51: That's really an unfair statement. I agree completely that the OP was in the wrong here but saying that people shouldn't leave their homes if they don't want to hear screaming kids is outrageous. Parents need to remove misbehaving children from restaurants (or wherever) and deal with the problem. Putting up with screaming kids should never be a requirement of anyone. The post doesn't specify, but if OP works in high-end restaurant then the parents are completely out of line in thinking their child can handle sitting still and behaving for that long. (Of course some younger kids are well behaved, and could handle it.) As for planes, well there's really nothing that can be done there except put in those ear plugs. 

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If the kid is bothering other customers, I don't see any problem with asking the parent to silence the child.. That's just polite and in everyone's favor.

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You know, I don't know about you but I don't remember the Op ever saying that the kid was crying or anything. You all are just assuming that that is what the kid was doing. He/she could have also been bugging his/her mom for something they wanted while the Op was trying to help her. We will never know with this little information. But also I doubt the Op would get fired after one time of telling a kid to shut it. I could see a warning or something but not fired right off the back. So clearly the Op has either done this before or did something else to be fired. But either way he did have it coming to him. Whether or not the kid was wailing or doing whatever it doesn't give Op the permission to tell someone else kid to shut it. Only the parent and family members can do that. And I'm please sure the other people in the store have been there before either with their own kid or with a family member. It's life and in life kids make noises.

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Next time offer the kid a lollipop. That always shuts em up

hockeyoceancity 13

Unless you don't have his/her favorite color... Then World War lll happens.

Yes, reward the loud, most-likely demanding, most-likely spoilt child, for being loud, by giving them more lollies filled with sugar. Genius plan.

Mademoiselle_fml 34

Why'd so many people thumb you down? I mean you're not rewarding the kid... you're bribing him/her. It's genius, really.