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Today, while I was trying to explain to my friend how smoking weed everyday doesn't make you stupid, I forgot what I was talking about mid-sentence. FML
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It happens to the... um... what was I saying... Damn, I forgot.

nice sounds like short term hit you bad


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really 1? "lol" to get first comme-- what were we talking about again?

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something about being number 1 I think

nice sounds like short term hit you bad

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that's the reason why I still do it!!!

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awww I wish I was a piece of crap and had nothing to do but smoke all day too

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smoking weed doesn't make you a piece of crap

weed is a harmless drug if used in moderation *******. do you honestly believe that the typical pot smoker you see in the movies is what they are really like? when has hollywood ever been realistic? you people who think like that need to open up and have some perspective. in other words. take a hit.

56 - Whatever happened to personal experience? I've seen so many potheads turn out/act the exact same way they're portrayed in movies. For once, Hollywood got the 'average pothead' deal right. I'm not saying they're all like that, because I know they're not. I'm just saying in my experience, most of them are.

weed is not harmless to some one under the age of 25. as the brain is still developing and it has been proven to give a huge increased chance of people getting skitsoprenia(no idea how u spell it but basically going mad). if u are over 25 then the only thing you have to worry about Is that weed does make u stupid but only when ur on it and up to 6 months after ( it continually releases slowly) after 6 months your iq will return to normal and nothing should be wrong inless u do any other drugs as those do have long term bad effects.

haha don't blame the bud ur dumbass got nothing 2 do wit it

weed is a harmless, natural drug. but nowadays, it gets laced with other chemicals and you never know what's in it anymore. unless you make it for yourself.

93 why don't u shut the **** up. I'm on an iPad trying to type fast because I'm going some where soon. it's a ******* fml comment why do pricks like u even give a shot how some one ******* spells something as long as it's readable and yes I am mad, bro. just to clarify anybody who asks :)

107- you mad bro? Also, you're a hypocrite for yelling at that guy for yelling at another guy.

107 - I think the point the other guy was trying to point out was the fact some of your information is inaccurate.

oh toking lol I read it as talking. which As matter of fact I don't do drugs -_- now u just sound like a dumbass.

116 I am that guy he was " yelling at" which i don't know how you can yell over the Internet but w.e. also my info isnt incorrect. show me any study's that prove other wise.

I smoke weed but I often forgot was I was saying mid-sentence way before I started smoking :P

126 - Weed has no long-term side effects? Really? It's a drug. All drugs have long term side effects, from caffeine to ibuprofen to alcohol, and back to the "classic" hard drugs like LSD or heroin.

nice man thats wassup!! smoke weed errry day!!

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The smartest kids in my school smoke weed, they say they use it to enhance there intellect and I can see why, they have 4.5-4.6GPAs and got a 2300-2400 on the SAT

You are an idiot. Those people were lying, weed does not "enhance" your ability to think. Most likely they are just naturally smart and haven't been doing weed long enough to start experiencing the effects of it.

134 yes u are so right omg how could I not see the light im so stupid. oh wait a second but caffeine doesn't have any negatives to it. where the **** did you even get that idea. oh and pharmasudical drugs are all bad to arnt they. wow I think you are they BIGEST dumbass I have ever seen. also ya just cause its deemed a drug means it's terribble right. btw pot is also prescribed patients which I'm pretty sure they wouldn't do in Canada I'd it was extremely harmful.

150 - Caffeine DOES have negative effects in certain amounts. It can cause stress on the heart and in some may cause heart attacks and panic attacks. Where did I get the idea? I read, buddy. Clearly you don't. Pharmaceutical* drugs DO have side effects as well. Do you ever read the papers included in the box or on the label? They tell you all the minor side effects which happen often and the potentially harmful, though rare, side effects. I didn't say weed was terrible. I said there are side effects just like any other drug. Pot, as far as I know, is NOT prescribed to patients where I live.

Small ammounts of weed can be perscribed, but it is different than the weed that you buy on the streets.

u live in Canada so yes they do. and I listed they side affects of weed and ur disagreeing with me but still not giving any proof. why don't u send me a link of where u get ur info from. let me guess it's from

Thank you Illmatic. Dude, I said 'as far as I know'. And Illmatic just said it's not the same weed as what's sold on the street. Perhaps you've missed the rules of the FML site; we're not allowed to link others to shit. However if you would like to PM me for the proof I'd be more than happy to give it to you.

150 Your argument sucks, there's many drugs that are prescribed that have (some) harmful effects on your body, and doctors know this when they prescribe it. (I'm not saying they do this on purpose, I'm saying that the patients are well aware too)

169 - Well said. They prescribe the medications knowing the side effects because the benefits outweigh the risks.

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The person who said LSD was a hard drug obviously has never tried it. I smoke weed every week and have tripped. I'm perfectly fine and don't have short term memory problems. Stop the stereotypes that the government feeds you.

Muffy - I don't think personal experience (via friends or otherwise) counts as 'government stereotypes'. I have not tried LSD, but it is collectively understood to be a hard drug whether you see it as one or not.

165 - When you don't sound like a complete dumb ass who makes no sense, you can start acting like a know it all and judging other people.

LSD isn't a hard drug? It impairs your ability to reason, along with many other things. Does that spell safety to you?

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It's called moderation and dose. I use it for art purposes and can think and understand things on LSD.

Having a hard drug in moderation doesn't make it any less of a hard drug.

No, no, no. The side effects of weed are simply irresistible. You smoke it and freak out not sure whether or not you'll make it through the cough after taking a massive hit, and all of a sudden your head feels like you are pumped with helium. Your eyes buzz so rapidly that you make your own visions about dragons and unicorns. You drive so slow that cops actually pull you over and pay you for keeping the roads safe. You'd give anything for a fast food place to be named "I Don't Care" just to help you choose accurately. You become a genius with your eyes closed, and you fuel yourself the education needed through weed. I do believe weed has long term effects; happiness and obesity.

I realise I am but a lowly doctor, but after reading through this thread, I'd like to chime in and separate the bullshit from the facts. Here are some FACTS about marijuana that you smokers may want to consider: Smoking marijuana causes distorted perceptions, impaired coordination, and impaired memory. Those of you who think you do better in school are lying to yourselves. Sorry. Marijuana IS addictive: about 10% of smokers are addicted, and this goes up to nearly 50% for daily smokers. Those who say it isn't harmful at all, sorry to burst your bubble. Chronic marijuana use has been linked to increased rates of depression, anxiety, and schizophrenia. Harmless? No hardly. Marijuana use increases the risk of having a heart attack by 500%. HARMLESS? Marijuana smoke has 50 times the carcinogens of tobacco smoke. Marijuana smokers hold the smoke in for longer than cigarette smokers, increasing the exposure of the lung tissue to the carcinogens. Heavy marijuana smokers develop COPD just like heavy smokers. These are facts, people. I'm not making this up. I fully understand there are some positive effects of marijuana, like the anti-emetic effect. And if you want to smoke, go ahead. Don't for one second think that marijuana is some miracle safe plant that isn't a drug and has no harmful effects. Know the facts.

while you toke a bowl, and can still get cancer. honestly from experience, weed is just a nasty drug. I mean it's just so stupid why so many people do it. I don't see how it is cool or the benefits from doing it. it's an addictive drug, and just bad for your health overall.

bababa bird bird bird. bird is the word. juuusttt breakin up the tension. bring on the thumbs down!!! ssss. thumbs downs'?!?! sss'ss.... *slinks away*

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150, as someone who is studying Toxicology, I can SAFELY and ACCURATELY tell you that YES, all DRUGS, including over the counter stuff such as caffeine, ibuprofen, acetaminophen, even ******* NASONEX have side effects and can interrupt normal human physiology. They are not produced by your body naturally and are effective because they **** with some sort of reaction going on in your body that you don't want to happen (in plain English). Therefore, they all have potential to be dangerous and not do what they are intended for. You are the reason pharmaceutical companies are so successful in what they do. P.S., I am not criticizing the use of weed.

and your a dumb ass fir not seeing that he is yelling at a guy fir yelling at him in a previous post, not some other guy

LifeSucksbtw, I hope you're sterile, because I don't want you contaminating this world. -_-

150 you should actually check things before you open you argue. a cousin of my friend was taken to hospital after passing out from an overdose on caffeine. sure she'd had like 20 black coffees but I think that proves what the girl in the hat was trying to say.

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you guys are dumb, try reading the actual facts about weed and not the propaganda the media throws out there to attempt to stop people from doing it. weed has a bad image because the media likes to make their own "facts" rather than share proven evidence because they know the general public is going to accept and believe that's the truth.

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241 - you're an idiot to believe weed is addictive.

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Yes, I agree with people that even marijuana can be terrible for you. I'd rather not smoke it, just ingest it. Anything you put in your body can give you a heart attack or cancer, even sugar. If you really are serious about health, don't eat processed foods.

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I suggest to everybody to watch a weed documentary called "The Union."

Of course weed is addictive. Why the **** do you think that people go to rehab because of it? Gambling and sex is addictive, why can't weed be addictive?

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No, not really. Most of the people I know smoke pot and they're nothing like those burn outs. Burn outs are the minorities. I've seen 5 out of 100+ who actually fall underneath that Hollywood portrayal.

291 says the man who says he often takes LSD. hypocrite much?

but you remembered enough to fml it. nice

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Have You Not Heard? LMAO way to break the tension!

240- damn it you comment is too big for me to thumb up on this infernal iPhone of mine. blast and double blast.

^ same here ! so heres one "thumbs up" for you doc !

people say weed is bad, but when u loom at it weed is way less harmful than alcohol is yet its perfectly fine to drink? weed can be used responsibly just like alcohol and no one i know who smokes weed acts like the dumbasses in the movies

if you haven't tried LSD what have you tried? jk

I look at the comments and see what the smokers say. honestly there is a reason why pot is illegal it's not just some bs from the government. it's not as addictive as other drugs but it is a gateway drug because of tolerance and u will want more. if you ever took a health class and still do drugs well I pity you then

propaganda? maybe learn what marijuana can potentially do before u say that

Thanks for clearing things up for us bill nye, it's only the 20th time I've read this about smoking pot. Next time, keep your debbie downerisms to yourself. The rest of the world is doing fine without you.

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***lifesucksbtw got OWNED.

I just want to say that pot smoking actually does deteriorate your ability to memorise things on the long term, and affects your motor functions.

77 is thumbed down, but he's right.

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I think the fights on these FML's are better than the FML's themselves.

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LSD does not pancake warm

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weed is bad for you. a lot of people smoke and think its cool ****** retards

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Pot is obnoxious. We were trying to figure out the onset of my brother's frequent anxiety attacks recently.. idiot. I'm going to beat my kids if they even look at pot.

just give me a quiet place and let me roll my weed...

weed dose make u smarter. it enhanses ur mind and you realize how amazingly big and unreal the universe is. memories flash u regain things u thought you lost. if anything weed makes u so smart, ur speechless.

J-cat: You're not helping your cause at all

Weed is more mentally addictive than physically.

weed is addictive mentally only. there is no physical addiction. and weed is fun.

164 - medical marijuana isn't legal everywhere yet, so it just depebdson where you live. op - as much as I agree with you, that's a battle you need to have a prepared argument for. the simplest slip up can totally **** you over. we debated this a lot at my school, so I actually did like two months research on it and took notes to prepare my defense. I always win the debate now though :)

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314 - I'm a girl. You guys are a bunch of anti-drug ads. That's okay, more pot for me. By the way, LSD has never killed anyone (not talking about those who abuse it and end up killing themselves) Those who haven't done it will never fully understand it. I've done my research on drugs and am always prepared. I won't ever do drugs that would end up killing me. Also, if you say weed or LSD will, I'll just shove the fact that the burger you eat, the sugar you down, or the vaccine you get is more likely to kill you. This whole conversation is just extremely ridiculous. Plus, those who thumb my comments down are ignorant to my point of view.

Muffy, quit telling yourself all of these bullshit lies. The only person you're fooling is yourself. Look at Doc's post. Those are all facts, so you can't argue with that. Sure, you can say that eating fast food or getting vaccinations can kill you too. But the truth is, they are much better than smoking weed. You're acting like weed isn't bad for you at all. But we both know that's not true.

Who needs drugs, when you have an imagination?

look go smoke some crack and then tell me weed is bad

What people fail to recognize is this is a matter of choice. I recognize the debate of the topic is the health effects of cannabis (marijuana is slang) but it's somebody's life and if they want to endanger it, they have the choice to do so. as far as health effects, cannabis is particularly harmless other than the smoke. most of the "studies" they have done were done so on a biased regime. The study stating it killed brain cells was done on monkeys who were given nothing but cannabis smoke without any oxygen- essentially they lost brain cells because of asphyxiation (typo?). there's also the idea that cannabis smoke has more carcinogens and tar. I can't necessarily say this isn't true but there has never been a case of lung cancer or any other breathing ailment proven directly just from cannabis. The reason being so is it is believed thc has the possibility of killing cancerous cells (since how "getting high" works is by momentarily stopping the production of new brain cells followed by sped up production of them) yeah believe if or not cannabis actually creates healthier cells. There's a movie called "run from the cure" you can find online of a man that claims he can cure cancer through thc oil. Once again I'll say it, it's all in the individual's choice. you can be successful and smoke pot just how you can be a failure and smoke pot. there's been many successful pot smokers (countless musicians, Michael Phelps, Abraham Lincoln, etc.) just how there has been many unsuccessful pot smokers. granted I'm just pulling out cliche names but I despise when people form an opinion just because some people they know didn't do so well. No offense but if your friend did something retarded while he started smoking he was retarded to begin with. I'm a 17 year old college student who occasionally smokes cannabis when I have leisure time with friends. I don't let it consume my life, I could go weeks or months without it and if I do something stupid it's me not the bud. Now please no more hating on bud because a handful of idiots.

are you talking about me or the post before me?

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used in moderation, weed is much less harmful than you would think. and yeah propaganda, take it you don't know your facts. I wouldn't consider weed to be a gateway drug, it's really just the junkies who try other drugs like cocaine and ecstasy and whatnot.

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oh and by the way, illmatic2 you're a ******* idiot and you have no idea what you're talking about, educate yourself before arguing about things, thanks.

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its about time somebody understands!

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but weed isn't chemical, it's natural and you can smoke it your whole life without any side effects, dumb bitch

well I have read books and tons of scholarly journals and what is incorrect is that your brain stops developing on average around 23 and your body actually has a cannibinoid system for CBd's and cbn's and the other 58 cannibinoids thc being the most potent. and weed is harmless it's the other stuff that they lace it with that is harmless. except for smoke in the lungs which you can counter with a vaporizer

Just because something is a natural plant doesn't mean it's not dangerous. Poison Ivy isn't cool, Venus Fly Traps ate dinosaurs, Weeping Willows will whip the shit out of you if you **** with their Indians, and if you hate someone enough you can cook up some Monkshood, and blam; kill the bitch. Stop using the au naturel reason for why it's safe because that's not helping your argument.

291- don't eat processed foods, but smoke/inject marijuana? my friend died after injecting the tiniest bit of marijuana into her system. her first go at drugs. Ever. All drugs will **** you up eventually, even caffiene*, and I LOVE caffiene (coffe, coca cola). When 9 year olds can get hold of drugs and use them without getting found out, isn't that going a bit too far? (btw, I'm not 9. That's just the age we were when Lea died. I was there.)

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Sorry, I'm not a hippie, but I am partially Native American. 459- I know about the 'harms' of cannabis. 510- Who injects cannabis? Unless she was allergic or had the needle in the wrong place/ had air bubbles. No reports of death from cannabis or THC has ever been recorded.

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we get it your a pot head! you don't have to defend it! u apparently can handle yourself...lmao...I'm sorry am I supposed to take that seriously?

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gateway drug? that is the biggest propaganda out there. Reagan practically coined the term himself.

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that's a joke right? u just misspelled does

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34- I think you're confusing weed with meth. Thousands of people smoke weed every day and go on to lead very successful lives. But I guess that's not what the media has told you, so you probably won't believe it.

454- I do not eat burgers. I am a vegetarian. suck on that.

Agreed! Good to know someone reads lol. Weed does have long term side effects like she said. Example, decreased sperm count in males. :-)

Hey everyone who THINKS they know what they're talking about, and who say "drugs are fine in moderation;" NO drug is harmless. They're DRUGS you ******* morons. Prescription painkillers (opiates), tranquilizers (xanax, Valium), pot, acid, heroin, meth, etc. I've done all of them, and they ruined. My. Life. guess what I was first? I was a stoner for years. Pot! Weed! I can act like one of those anti-drug posters, because I've been there. Anyone who thinks otherwise about drugs is a naive, inexperienced, and sadly ignorant moron, because it's true. Some people can use and stop later in life and be ok. Some people can't, and they get completely addicted. You have NO way to find out until it happens. Have a nice day.

smoking weed isnt bad its actually... wait.. shit i forgot wat i was sayin.

hmm, who needs drugs when i can **** you up??!?!? maybe you dipshits forgot, but... EVERYTHING HAS SIDE EFFECTS. good things, bad things, medium things, lukewarm things...yeah, all of them. some of you people are just like the people who say that osama bin laden isn't dead, despite all the evidence to the contrary. but, as it stands, i can **** you up for free, so, at any time, feel free to give me a rrrrring! |the kid|

306- you ******* racist bastard. I take it you smoke weed? why don't you go do something with your life? because honestly I'm pretty sure that minorities are the wealthier people in this country. look at all of the minority doctors compared to white doctors bro. but also the poorest. But that was a stereotype, and obviously you're pro-marijuana. So don't go stereotyping minorities when you're a pot smoker. you idiot.

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544-I take Paxil, Lamictal, and Xanax for anxiety disorder/depression. Mind you, I had this before I've ever done illegal drugs. I KNOW the side effects. Before I take any drug, I look them up and read stories of experience. I'm not blind to the harmful side of them, I get it. But that's what you do with life, take risks. I like to experience things in life that many don't because I am going to die eventually. Plus, I use weed to combat my symptoms of depersonalization. LSD was only for experimental purposes and two hits will not kill me or cause me to kill myself. I'm not trying to advocate using drugs. I just hate people that want to put down types of drugs that actually help them or open their minds to a much bigger world. That's all. To everyone else, you may not need marijuana, but I do. Weed can help people in pain, with cancer, with another illness, etc. It should not be illegal. Partially why the government made it illegal was because the use of hemp.

377 - I don't particularly see why it matters what I've tried. For the sake of this argument, I have tried weed, several times. What other drugs I've tried is irrelevant. 510 - I don't know why you starred 'caffiene', but I'm assuming you thought that spelling to be the correct one. It's spelled 'caffeine'. 524 - 'Not reported' doesn't mean it's never happened. 544, 560 - Well said to you both. 563 - One or two hits CAN kill you.

people go to rehab for weed because the court makes them or their parents make them, dumbass. weed doesn't cause a physiological or psychological dependence therefore it's not addictive. out of 100's of people I know who smoke, none of them are addicted.

If weed is so bad than how come nobody has ever died from it?

that's so not true. like at all. where are you even getting these statistics bro?

581 - And, how many of those people can quit without wanting some weed later in the day/week? I bet you almost none. It is addictive at least in some sense.

510 - That's impossible, you cant die from marijuana, it must have had other shit in it

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567 - I'm sorry, but you really need to re-educate yourself.

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Cannabis has it's benefits and it's draw backs. Short term memory and motor function may be affected along with other symptoms, these symptoms can show up but they are all subjective. Anyone saying it is not addictive is somewhat wrong, the addiction is completely mental in nature. It has been found that we have canibaniod(sorry if misspelled) receptors in our brain, receptors naturally made to take in THC. Some how our body's have developed to naturally take in cannabis. While the short term memory is effected it is in most cases temporary and goes away after the end of use. Smoking any substance will leave damage to the lungs but it is less damaging to a pot smoker than a cigarette smoker. You will inhale much more smoke over time smoking cigarettes than joints. how many cigs can a heavy smoker go through in a day, 3 packs a day easy, thats 60 cigs. How many joints can a truly hardcore pot head go through in a day; during 420 I myself, who at the point smoked literally every day, did at least 25(roughly could be near 32) joints that day and that was a bit much for me. Some how I doubt my lungs are as bad as the guy who smokes 60 cigs a day. All I'm saying is that in terms of damage to oneself cannabis is far less destructive to yourself than many other drugs. And no matter what anyone says it is a drug. As for it being a gateway drug, that is mostly true, but that could be said about any lower drug. It is only a gateway drug because of it's illegal nature, mixed "facts" about cannabis can compel people to see what else has been falsely labeled. If it was not Illegal it would take away most of the taboo away from it and use would most likely go down. If it was legalized and restricted and monitored correctly it's possible for it to be a boon to the economy. If you are against all drugs and are ignorant of true facts and not ones filled in biases then please don't "find" "facts" with the express intention to only find ones that only support your ideas. I am not arrogant enough to believe my facts and points expressed here are not bias as well, I am although willing to admit my bias point of view. Sadly it seems that when it comes to cannabis the only facts, on both sides, that are brought up are bias ones. My opinions and the facts stated here will no doubt be bias as well. Take the facts I present for what you will.

I seriously encourage you to watch the union, it will take you one hour and you'll learn a lot. Marijuana is in no way shape or form addictive, it does not kill brain cells, it does not cause any cancer, and no one has ever died from marijuana. However, cigarettes kill 500,000 people in the u.s. annually and everyone accepts it and condones it. Alcohol is also a major death threat and under the influence of alcohol people can behave irrationally and violently. Under weed? Hungry, sleepy, and happy. But, you all listen to the doctor on here. Who was taught indirectly from the government all this bullshit about how marijuana is dangerous, because the u.s. government spends 8 million a year on anti marijuana everything. When what they could do, is legalize it, tax it, make money, and build a better country, and rapidly decrease the number of criminals. Also, we could legalize industrial hemp growth, the most useful plant ever, creating food, clothes, fuel, and countless other products. in short, the government causes millions of people to spout off bullshit untruths when they know nothing about the subject.

432 - Beat your children for looking at a plant? See the problem here? Do some research on hemp and marijuana it will be good for you

597 You can say the exact same thing about anything, take chocolate for example. Someone who really loves chocolate is going to find it tough to go a month without it. Your point is so irrelevant. The truth is there is nothing in marijuana that causes dependency or addiction. Yeah a stoner is gonna wanna smoke a joint if he hasn't for a week. A fat kid is gonna wanna hit up Mcdonalds and get his happy meal if he hasn't been there in a while. But is it addictive? No, it all has to do with desire and want. Not need

My brother has tried to quit smoking marijuana several times, a few of those because he was arrested for possession and on parole. He has been unsuccessful thus far, and even suffered withdrawals. He wants to stop, but he can't. I'd call that addiction.

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614- The addiction is only mental, so I can't find a reason of withdrawal unless there is another side of the story. I've gone days without it and days smoking it. Then again, I react differently than others.

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hell yea dude. same here :)

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yessss. haha I make all my friends watch it. it's mind blowing

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you have one too many birds

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600 - Apparently my research, printed in black and white, and common knowledge lies to me then? I don't think so. Just admit you're wrong and be done with it. I don't see why this discussion is still going strong. I said it CAN kill you. I don't know if it has. Apparently any deaths haven't been reported, which still doesn't mean it hasn't happened. You're naive for believing that. 613 - I'm talking more about addiction rather than want or need. You can indeed be addicted to McDonalds or coffee, which makes your point that it can happen with anything irrelevant. There's a clear difference between addiction and simply wanting something. I'm talking about the former. 616 - A mental addiction is still an addiction and can be quite difficult for the person to overcome. An addiction is an addiction. Thanks for finally admitting you can be addicted. You admit that you react differently than others, so why are you telling everyone who disagrees with you uneducated etc?

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your all stupid pot isn't at all a bad drug

614- did you not read my comment? Your brother isn't addicted because cannabis is physically addicting, he's addicted because he's an idiot with an addictive personality- with all do respect. I've been caught once with a joint. My punishment was mandatory drug counseling (no probation) but I still quit for a few months. I only started smoking back on the summer I got ahead in everything.

Believe it or not, I've read every comment in this thread, and considered every argument. Don't talk about things you don't understand. Just because you aren't addicted, doesn't mean it's impossible for anyone else to get addicted. When you can watch something you do tear apart your family, your entire life, and continue to do it, regardless of the consequences, you are addicted. My brother knew that if he smoked on probation, he would go to jail. Yet, he still felt that he needed to smoke.

510- the individual. your friend was the one that decided to inject a plant meant for smoking. the bud didn't put itself in the needle and shove itself in her. 567- assuming there has been cases and they just weren't reported by the doctors, you're still more likely to die from apple seed poisoning than cannabis overdose. And I heard there has been one case where a small kid around 4 or 5 died from eating edibles (which is a much higher concentration of thc than just smoking cannabis itself). but it's not the bud's fault. it's the guardian's fault for not being attentive considering the same could have happened with alcohol or even worse a knife. And no you can't die from 2 hits of legit lysergic acid diethylamide. It comes from a fungi and you only need micrograms to trip on it. You're basically just taking a few specs of mushrooms when you take acid so even if it was poisonous that small amount would only strengthen your immune system. Seriously you don't have to be a hippie or a druggie to learn the facts on all this stuff.

641- Yea you can get addicted just how you can get addicted to chocolates but it's all in the individual. I feel redundant in saying this but it seems to me like you're still trying to blame cannabis for your brother's incompetency. And don't understand? I've done the research, I've been in the same situation as him (excluding the addicted part) and I've seen other friends and acquaintances go through the same thing (some who ended up doing good and others that went down the same path as your brother.) After all that I've realized we're all different people with different lives. Trying to say "bud is bad because my brother is addicted" isn't gonna prove anything to me unless you think everyone is alike and would have the same outcome to everything. if that were the case then your brother can quit for a while if I can.

You're completely distorting what I said. I never said marijuana is bad. I was simply saying it's possible to get addicted, just as you can get addicted to chocolate or caffeine. I wasn't even talking to you in the first place. I'm actually all for the legalization of marijuana. To me, it seems about the same as alcohol or cigarettes. It's fine in moderation. My brother has been smoking every day since he was 12 or 13. He was/is stupid about it, but you don't have the right to call him an idiot or incompetent. You don't know him. Saying everyone is alike is the exact opposite of what I'm trying to do.

i've had it happen b4 but its a load of fun just dont be a dumbass

Great doco that EVERYONE should watch, if it doesn't open your eyes and make you think there is something wrong with you. Also watch 'The Prison Industrial Complex', it is a little B grade but shows great insight into the issue of prohibition.

This was meant to be in reference to the comment about 'The Union' doco. what bothers me is most anti-drugs people don't realize pro-drugs people educate themselves on both sides of the argument. I can not say the same for the anti drug side.

K.U.S.H. keeps us sooo high? Funny dispute.

MuffyStJacques 0

629- I am not naive. I know the bad and good side of drugs. No matter how much you want to say that death possibly occurred without being recorded, it's still said that you can't die from LSD or marijuana. To even get close to death, you'd have to be a billionaire and have no life. Only the actions of those would kill them while on the drug, as well. I never said you can't become mentally addicted to marijuana, either. That is quite true, but some people don't have that addictive personality. It depends solely on the individual.

644- fair enough I did make a few assumptions but by the way you were stating it you made it seem bad. Like you said anything can be psychologically addicting. I just find it really irritating when people form an entire opinion based on one person they know. and yeah calling him that is a little uncalled for my bad.

stefman13 1

this FML had one of the greatest arguments ever

CommonSenseKarma 17

I bypassed everyone just to tell you all how ungraciously stupid the majority of FML viewers are for actually booing anti-drug comments and thumbing for pro-weed shitheads. Congratulations, everyone. You would make America proud. If you don't live in America, then come on over and share a joint with someone to prove yourself. This has been a message inspired by the true story of a man with Common Sense.

sorry, I starred caffiene because I didn't know how to spell it properly -.- FML :)

the amount of cannibas needed to actually kill you is so massive in any case where you smoked the 200 or so pounds in a single sitting you would need another drug to keep from passing out. And in that case it would most likely be the other drug that kills you.

651 - Technically, anyone can become addicted to anything regardless of their personality type. You also missed the last point I made.

597 my friend has been smoking at least 1-2 times a day for the past couple years and he stopped 3 weeks ago to prepare for a drug test. Also, everyone else I know that smokes doesnt feel anything at all whenever they need to suddenly stop for one reason or another. weed is not addictive like alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs. 244(I think)- weed does not 'mess with some chemical reaction' in your body. The thc binds to your cannibanoid receptors, which serves no other purpose other than receiving the thc.

629 the reason you can't die from weed is that you pass out long before you could smoke enough to overdose, making it impossible to smoke more.

brettj69 0

the difference in this argument is that the pro-marijuana posters know both sides of the issue while the anti-marijuana posters only know the side that they're "supposed to think": that marijuana is a drug, and therefore it must be bad. if only the people against marijuana really knew the facts or at least weren't so stubborn and disbelieving of undeniable evidence, proof, and facts, this argument could've ended a long time ago. basically to sum this up, the anti-marijuana posters on here are ignorant and even with proof right in front of them, just can't accept that they're wrong and thus pile on more bullshit to their cause.

296 - Actually you are misinformed, only 3 percent of people in rehab for weed is due to choice. 97 percent were arrested for possession and given a choice between rehab and jail. Obviously they are gonna choose rehab. They don't have a problem haha, don't kid yourself. Do some research and stop all that bullshit from flying out of your mouth.

671 - Not all of us are either anti- or pro- marijuana. I'm neither and have an objective opinion through experience. 667 - That doesn't mean your friend isn't experiencing either mental or physical withdrawal symptoms. Granted, those symptoms don't happen to everyone because everyone is different but it's very possible he may have experienced at least something.

674 he says he feels no different than any other time he is sober, and I have never heard of any withdrawal symptoms.

680 - "Granted, those symptoms don't happen to everyone because everyone is different..."

663 its imposible to od on pot, u passout before you are even close to an od.

First and foremost, you can't inject marijuana. You can ingest it (read: eat), but "injecting" it, implying the use of intravenous methods, is totally nonsensical. I mean, seriously, people, stop plaguing fresh minds with your incorrect, unknowledgeable non-truths. Secondly, and more importantly, you can't die from using this "drug". No, I do not simply mean that it is difficult to overdose, it simply is not possible. I strongly urge you to review the autopsy report (assuming there is one) to see what the real cause of death was, for your own personal sake and the mental well-being of all the other easily brainwashed idiots out there.

73 I've been smoking pot everyday for four years, I've gotten baked with over a hundred people and not one has acted like they do in the movies and by that I meen like cheech and Chong there are movies that get the image right

AnarchyAmber 5

Whatever hole you just crawled out of, you need to go back because I couldn't understand a ******* word you just said.

AnarchyAmber 5

And that comment was meant for #77 but this website is kind of retarded I guess

I am pretty sure 306 meant that complete burnout pot smokers ( as portrayed by Hollywood) are the minority group in the greater pot smoking population. Nothing racist intended. As for the debate whether or not weed id dangerous check out William Randolph Hearst and his smear campaign and how all science in the last century has followed the guidelines set out by that smear campaign and said smear campaign continues bto be funded by the big pharmaceutical companies because weed has so many medical benefits compared to side effects. It was the medical establishments prescription of choice until the early 1900's when Hearst ran his smear campaign to get hemp producers out of competition of his paper industry.

If it's not addictive then quit doing drugs for six months and tell me if you last

jordyxjigsaw 11
FirebirdF350 7

Muffy, I laugh at you, when your older and suffer flashbacks and other lovely side effects from your 'artistic' LSD use, die of heart attack, I would love to read your memoir about how these drugs SO benefited your life, drugs are drugs, are indeed and 100% all the time, DRUGS.

It happens to the... um... what was I saying... Damn, I forgot.

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CommonSenseKarma 17

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jazziness 12

exactly what I was gonna say

You're not stupid because you smoke weed every day, you smoke weed every day because you're stupid.

everything is harmful even H20 because you can drown, haha. Ok I'm done 8 )

jennifer93 0

reminds me of the FML when this blonde was telling someone how blondes weren't stupid then walked into a door lol

EverybodyHatesCh 0

hahahahaha I don't remember reading it but it was a funny FML

ha I saw that one. aaah blondies :]

littlemissFYL 5

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littlemissFYL 5

I was at the mall once and saw a little kid with a leash attatched to his neck. the string led to his mother.

It's because he ran up to everyone and barked uncontrollably. Oh, and he tried to bite someone, I think.

I got high from secondhand smoke.. And my mom told me to take the dog out.. I started to walk out with the leash, without the dog attached to it.. It makes you stupid, somewhat.

littlemissFYL 5

I was at the mall once and saw a little kid with a leash attatched to his neck. the string led to his mother.

it only makes you stupid if your an idiot that can't hang

andybyeahthatsme 0

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lmao yeah you are just a retard. most of the thc is absorbed by the lungs within a couple seconds. youd have to have a shitload of secondhand to get high, let alone high enough to be that retarded.

mrd10 0

she or he is actually right you can get high from second hand smoke been there done that

ok I know ur lying on that one..u sure ur friends were smokin bud or u just can't hang

I can vouch for that; I have experienced a contact-high; that is, I've gotten high from second hand marijuana smoke. Mind you, it's not nearly as much of a high as if you were to smoke that shit yourself.

Yes. Clearly, because I know so much more than you, I'm the dumb-ass. Crack open a book or peruse the internet once in a while.

62, yes you absolutely can. secondhand smoke contains everything that's in the smoke originally, just less cause the smokers lung have filtered some out.

9 - It's like when people begin showing signs of drunkeness when they think they're drinking alcohol but in reality, aren't. You were a victim of suggestion.

ur picture with this fml makes me laugh

Let me clarify, there is a contact high, but unless you were hotboxing you shouldn't have forgot the leash due to being high.

MustangMan29 13

when someone says secondhand smoke they're talking about the smoke burning off the end of the joint or blunt

Sponge Bob is your profile pic.... trust me your just a run of the mill idiot.

No you cant its contact high which is the placebo affect its the same concept that its not proven second hand cigarette smoke can affect you.

contact high only works if u hotbox a confined space like a car or closet.

MandaMazing 0

449- that's what I was gonna say. I've been around smoke countless times (I myself don't smoke) and have never once gotten high. It's a mind ****. if youu think you're high, you'll act like youu are.

emariebake 0

only if you are an idiot. look up "psychosomatic."

emariebake 0

I hate that I accidentally thumbed up your stupid comment.

357 - So cancer and respiratory problems aren't enough proof that cigarette smoke harms you?

brettj69 0

you really can't get high off secondhand smoke, however it is possible for you to really believe that while you're around someone smoking weed that you'll get high and you can actually convince yourself and feel like you're high when you're really not.

I wasn't trying to convince myself at all. We were in a small, enclosed room and I was doing my own thing while they were smoking up. Not once did I even consider I might get high, but sure enough I felt that way (and yes, at that point I'd been high before). I felt something was different and I felt less functional. That doesn't count as a slight high? I think it does, and you're misinformed.

FunnyGuy5051 7

it sure is, lol it's also funny cause I was about to go to a friends house to smoke some bud