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By  Puolukka  |  4

Okay that is just weird...whether you're just not good in bed or just don't turn him on in general...I think you should talk about it and if that does nothing then you should leave him...

I mean if he doesn't like the sex he could just say it and tell you what he likes...maybe your exboyfriends were satisfied with the way things were but he's not...and if he doesn't say anything about it then it's his own damn fault...and if he doesn't find you attractive then he shouldn't be dating you in the first place...

I don't consider myself to be exceptionally hot or pretty, I'd say I'm average...and still my husband would always rather look at me or pictures of me than looking at porn...of course he watched porn as well on occasion...but when he had the choice he always chose me over porn...


Just pointing out that maybe he likes her for her personality or something?

(Never thought I'd hear this from myself), but there's more to relationships than just sex.

Granted they should try to fix that up somehow, but still, he's with her and apparently it's not just for the sex so stop flipping shit.