By GonnaLockUpMySpices - 30/10/2015 01:34 - United States - San Francisco

Today, my roommate broke into my spice cabinet so he could get high off of my nutmeg. FML
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Apparently it has to be since his roommate might try to break in.

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or OP has spices he didn't mention....

Or maybe op has some very expencive spices.

He has a roommate that tries to get high off his nutmeg. Wouldn't you?

Makes wicked tea that gives a good high.

you had personal experience, high sir?

Yes but it's actually pretty dangerous. I'd stick to weed or using a whipped cream container if you're really in a tough spot

Huffing whipped cream is bad for you though

Yes, it is. With sufficient quantities, nutmeg will get you high, but it usually gets you really sick as well. Also, it's lethal if injected intravenously.

Well then. You learn something new everyday.

I suspect that if I tried sniffing my nutmeg, all I'd get is a sneezing attack.

19—you smoke it (not that I've tried it, but that's the word on the street).

That's pretty pathetic but so is the fact that you lock your spice cabinet.

The title of the FML says they need to lock up their spices so I'm assuming it wasn't even locked to begin with.

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Better take his markers so you could get "high" off of them.

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You would have to have way too much nutmeg for him to actually get high. It would only take one time to teach him to never do it again. The weak high isn't worth how violently sick it makes you.

Desperate times call for desperate measures