By mateyouremental - 21/12/2012 20:48 - United Kingdom - London

Today, I baked some regular brownies for my friend. Just to mess with him, after he ate some, I said they had weed in them. He trashed my room in anger, and still won't believe me when I tell him that I didn't actually slip him any drugs. FML
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Make special brownies next time and when he feels the effects, tell him he's being ridiculous and break his TV.

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Marijuana is serious business....mkay.


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At least he didn't joke about adding roofies. That would cause some people to attack more than the room.

not that big of a deal? Normally you can call such a prank off before your friend turns mental. It's not like he actually did put the real shizzle in it, that would've been bad!

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Op needs some new friends. Do you know how much weed you need to bake in brownies to have an effect on a person when baking them? Lets just say you need a lot to fill a baking pan.

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And how much it costs, seeing as you can't use any basic marijuana to make, I doubt the op would spend the money to prank his friends, and you'd think his friends would too.. Besides, wouldn't be have realized it wasn't laced when he didn't get high?.. Especially to somebody who doesn't smoke, he wouldn't have been able to think long enough to even remember why he's mad in the first place.

Shouldn't the friend be able to realize after awhile that they're not really on drugs, though?

what? Drugs are the funniest things in the world! This would be a YDI if he slipped his friend drugs without telilng him, but if he DIDN'T slip his friend drugs there's no reason for his friend to trash the place

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He's an idiot. It's not like you can't taste the difference...

Yeah, but he did overreact quite a bit to the news. At least if it there actually were drugs, there would be some explanation for such an extreme show unjustified rage. It's a somewhat ironic reaction, especially for an anti-drug type.

Wouldn't he notice the difference if he were to be high or sober?

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Haven't you heard of people thinking they're being served alcoholic beverages and acting intoxicated although they are completely sober.

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#9 - Oftentimes, their body will also react as if they are intoxicated. Flushing, stuttering (any normal symptoms of intoxication; I'm not familiar with them), etc. I learned about it in AP psych last year. It's quite fascinating! :)

it takes a lil bit of time to kick in lol... what is all this placebo effect talk

pheebs314 17

I meant that the power of suggestion could make it so he wouldn't know if he wasn't high... especially if he hadn't been high before. I was just adding the placebo effect statement because that's what was being talked about. Adding a name to a phenomenon...

Brownies take a while to kick in, sometimes up to half an hour. That's why some people end up really high their first time. They think it isn't working because it isn't strong enough, so they take another one, and then both brownies hit them around the same time. So the friend wouldn't know if there was actually weed in the brownies until a while later.

Exactly! The way he reacted to the news, I'd prefer he be on a drug to mellow him out. It's not very good anti-drug rhetoric when you react irrationally. It's also a bit ironic that one can be, and in this case was, a raging asshole WITHOUT drugs.

HeyHeyFishFillet 34

Marijuana is serious business....mkay.

Drugs are bad, you shouldn't do drugs, mkay.

One profile pic- 2 duck faces. There is such an overload of fail here.

Make special brownies next time and when he feels the effects, tell him he's being ridiculous and break his TV.

Come on! Your friend should know you would never waste the weed you keep hidden in your jewelry bag!

Now he's going to spike OP's food with laxatives.

They gotta make sure their cat food isn't spiked too

Or if their husband is eating the cat food!

YDI. I'd probably react the same way if someone did that to me. Then again, at my job, if something goes wrong, I have to get a drug test and would end up fired if weed showed up.

i think he was high in the first place and couldnt tell..

wagne057 6

An ingenious prank... *dripping sarcasm*

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