By Cookie - 22/12/2011 18:11 - South Africa

Today, my parents were coming to visit me at my brand new apartment. I made dinner and served them the cake my roomate had left for me in the fridge. Thirty minutes after they left, I was so baked that I couldn't think straight. I still don't know if my parents made it home. FML
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I was gonna clean my room but then I got high!

Call them and find out you'll be less worried :)


Call them and find out you'll be less worried :)

Never eat something when you can't trust the person that made it...

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sunsetsbetween56 3

9- the cake was special.. Kinda like you ;)

TKello 6

Her roommate gave her drugged cake. Basically, instead of pot brownies, it was pot cake.

pirringa99 0

Their was probably marijuana in the cake, "Baked" is a term used when someone is really high. His roommate probably put the marijuana in the cake and since he served it to his parent too they are probably high as well and he doesn't know if they made it home safe....

9- They are high. Their roommate made them a weed cake. And you don't need to be blonde. Asshole. . .

xShannonxSammyx 7

The OP's roommate left a cake specifically for OP. OP's parents were over, and OP served his parents the cake. The cake contained pot, I assume. So OP's parents were high, via OP.

Ohhhh. Right. I didn't get that his parents had eaten it too. Epic roommate though.

Lol! They have been poisoned by OP and are now riding off on nyan cat's back

I dont see why just one person could have responded.

The question is: how did the drugs get in there???....

it was a chocolate cake, and when you eat chocolate you get hot cuz of the endorphins it releases in your brain-hence "baked." We are meant to assume that the parents did not have an air conditioner in the car so OP is worried that they are suffering heatstroke. whats not to get? people on FML these days...

Not funny. Sorry.

29 you are asking waaay too much of people.

43- I thought that the fml was about him eating a weed cake, but your explanation makes way more sense.

It is a her, not a him.

It's a good think you are cute happypanda

The cake is a lie.

Thing not think. Dammit!

Hashhhhh cakeeee. You did your parents a favor.

@9, I'm a blond, and I understood this. I hate it when people use that stereotype, not all blonds are stupid or airheads. Also, I hate it when girls that are dumb or pretend to be dumb to get attention, dye their hair blond to get more attention. (notice I used proper grammar and punctuation) I would really appreciate it if you wouldn't talk about blonds like that. Thank you.

IThinkItsAlright 7

You had a point until you spelled "blonde" wrong...

t @ladycamo- "blonds" might be really intelligent, but blondes apparently leave a lot to be desired in the intelligence department. Correct grammar and punctuation will only get you so far when your spelling skills are terrible. *Sorry for overlapping 166's message

MyLoveDrunk 11

You can spell it either way, blond or blonde. Nice try at insulting her but next time try not to make yourself look like a stupid asshole.

False. Blonde (with mandatory 'e') is used when describing a person who is blonde. "She is a blonde." Blond (with optional 'e') is used when your describing a color. "I want to dye my hair blond" Super Webster saves the day!

of a flaxen, golden, light auburn, or pale yellowish-brown color <blond hair>; also : having blond hair <a blond man> —spelled blond when used of a boy or man and often blonde when used of a girl or woman I'm not sure what version of Webster you used but this is the version I got. Shows that either spelling is correct but that the spelling blonde is "often" used for girls and women.

MyLoveDrunk 11

Actually you're incorrect, she was using the adjective form of the word blond, as in "I'm a blond," therefore the use of an 'e' at the end is not used. Nice try at being a grammar Nazi though.

You're all right, I know I have terrible spelling skills, I really do. But the fact that that the only thing I messed up on was a few "e"s shouldn't matter, and im not a "stupid asshole" I just don't appreciate it when people call blondEs stupid.... I may not be a genius and I may not be perfect, but I really don't like that stereotype. I'm actually not dumb, I just spelt one word wrong, maybe multiple times, but it was one word. I apologize for making y'all angry and coming off as an asshole. But I can't help that I spell some things wrong. Sorry for pissing y'all off.

Saying "I'm a blonde" doesn't make blonde an adjective. That's like the sentence "I'm an elephant" having elephant as an adjective.

no, baked literally means high off of drugs not chocolate cake... youre thinking into it too much

Nobody called you a stupid asshole. #171 was referring to everyone who jumped on you for spelling errors. He/she was on your side. So maybe you should read more carefully next time. Also, It doesn't really matter that you spelt blonde wrong, because nobody is perfect. I just find it ironic that you wrote "notice I used proper grammar and punctuation" (like that was supposed to prove that you weren't dumb and "blonde") and yet, you had a spelling error.

Right. In the sentence "I'm a natural blonde" natural is the adjective and blonde is the noun. To say "she has blonde hair" would be using the word blonde to describe the color of the woman's hair.

35- SO ignorant. How did you type that comment??? It's just a question you don't ask. Common sense.

#193, I thought #171 was telling me not to insult #9. sorry

you guys really need lives and or friends or a job who sits on fml and correct grammar and fights about it

170 sorry for moving off topic but I must make an announcement. What the hell did gay's do to you, unless they raped you in a corner, what's the real reason to hate them, and even if you anti-gay, why do you have to open your big fat mouth and say so. Don't they deserve to find love too? So just think about this when you are trying to write another dumbass comment in your profile. (BTW I am not gay I just don't like people who are anti-gay) Sorry for the interruption, carry on.

Kids on Christmas break. And I don't think the person attempting to correct the lifestyles of people who are correcting other peoples' grammar should be talking about getting lives.

I_Hate_Tpyos 0

205- where the hell are you getting anti gay messages out of 170's post...?

fromthesuck 8

Holy crap! This is the most entertaining comment line ever! The very fact you all are even feeding into these RIDICULOUS arguments has made you all look like absolute morons, and therefore made my night. And to the asshole trying to start a whole new argument over gays... Way to go! Honestly no one cares if you hate anti gays! It's not up to you! It's gays choice to be gay and his to be anti gay. Tolerance works both ways.

pwincessa23 1

236- they were high not mentally retarded...

pwincessa23 1

Actually, I have. My ex and my sister both smoke weed. They love the brownies and edibles too and get high off all that very often. It's because I've been around them so much that I said that. I've never seen or heard anyone talking that way even when they're super high. I guess different people act different when high.. Idk

iBluePancake 4

This reminds me of that 70's show when red sells erics car :)

Half the replies got deleted :O why ?

AlaskanEskimo34 0

Well get the fuck off of the damn internet and call them dumbass.

Alexisthebestest 16

At least they enjoyed the space cake.

WTFjizzinmypantz 0 just great

Mmmmmm... Pot.

You're like 14 you don't even know what pot is

126 - You'd be surprised. =/

ZombieLoveA 0

Actually, I've seen fourth graders smoking weed. Really. You apparently aren't aware of what kind of world we are living in.

blackstar994 5

$10 says she thinks pot is just another name for crack.

Namerkp2 8

146 - It is... right?

cause the kid never gets out read his pro I Fart sometimes apparently the kid got no friends

Meh I'm alright with no friends, it's better than takin pictures of myself in a bathroom mirror

204- you look like a tool, your comment is now invalid.

Faillllll! No it's marijuana duh

Buttsexpirate 9

Whoa... Dude... Wait what?

blondebrunette11 4

Pass the cake.

monkeysareyummy 0

I haven't heard of weed cake before.. Is it possible to make weed pizza??

-123 What about weed-weed ?

Yes it is , it's stronger than a joint and it keeps you high for 8 hours straight but not normal high lol

Generally referred to as space cake ^^

xoochristineoox 7

I want somee(:

FunwithBumperCar 0

And there was only enough drugs in the cake to last 3!

123 you can make weed anything. Look up the marijuana cookbook. Mmmm.

You can cook anything with weed, but like all drugs, weed is less effective orally. Save your money: smoke less pot and get the same high as eating it, and bake regular brownies and use them to counteract the munchies.

Weed pizza! Two vegetables in one!

Dont do drugs kids.

"Man, what is in this Shit, man? Mostly Maui Waui man, but it's got some Labrador in it. What's Labrador? I had it on the table and the little motherfucker ate it, man. Then I had to follow him around with a little baggie for three days, man, before I got it back. Really blew the dog's mind, ya know? You mean we're smokin' dog shit, man?" -Cheech&Chong

sethm51 6

hip hip hooray

jwade11 12

How could you not know that cake was special?

#134 - space cake doesn't take effect immediately, so it's not weird that they didn't notice.

jwade11 12

That's not what I meant. If OP's roommate made the cake for him, how did he not know there could be a possibility that the cake was special.... I mean if I had a roommate and they knew I was into such things, I wouldn't doubt that they'd put stuff in it.

I was gonna clean my room but then I got high!

And then took an arrow to the knee

Buttsexpirate 9

But then I got even more high and all was right in the world

I used to get high...but then...

I was gonna get up and find the room, but than I got high

It's "get up and find the broom."

blondebrunette11 4

10- Smh

cutterrees 0

I get high and then clean my room!... Then make a mess of it again haha

Ugh I forgot the b. I tried to edit my comment but fml froze and my time limit to edit went up...FML *broom

LunaDragon 10

"Afroman - Because I Got High", Noobs!

I was gonna go to work but then I got high I just got a new promotion but I got high Now I'm selling dope and I know why Cause i got high Cause i got high Cause i got hiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh!!!! All yo kids probably too young to remember the awesomness of Afroman!!!

Poser1337 5

Sorry so many people thumbs downed your joke. It just got old for 'some' people.

sirhobothesecond 3

I was gonna go to class... but then I got high I could've cheated and I could've passed... but then I got high now I'm taking it next semester and I know why (why man?) yeheeeyyyy because I got high, because I got high, because I got high.

Is that a bit ironic? All the potheads I know love the song that's making fun of the potheads.

I was gona make love to you, but then I got high.

87- and then what? *crickets*

A friend once told me:" A friend with weed is a friend indeed."

A friend in need is a friend indeed but a friend with weed is better.

Best roommate EVER!

nativepimp 1

Hes going to be pissed they ate that cake

I doubt that, since it clearly stated that the room mate left OP the cake.

bizarre_ftw 21

201 - not pissed, baked (in England pissed means drunk, now you understand)

In American pissed means mad not drunk

It means both in Australia.

Mmm laced cake mmm...

Best FML ever!

bizarre_ftw 21

Yeah I agree, really takes the cake

ThecomingofTan 9

I love it when you talk dirty to me.

And it's relatable.

Lmao people fighting about stupid shit

SGal25 5

Wow, and you couldn't tell when you cut the cake and were eating it? Hello!??!!

If its done correctly you can't? Duh? Great story OP!

SGal25 5

Duh, yes you can unless your a dumb ass.

Who says duh? -1 for you.

SGal25 5

And how would you know anyway? You can't say you've had that many years experience. You are just a kid still....I guess if you aren't that experienced in it you wouldn't know. However someone that's been doing it for years and years would know. So I guess then it's possible that op didn't know because they were inexperienced. My bad....

SGal25 5

I guess you are talking to BIGmoney because he's the one who said it.

44 he was talking to YOU! Your the stupid one here.

SGal25 5

First off I didn't say duh, bigmoney did. Second of all I probably know a hell of a lot more then all of you. Obviously you know nothing. Don't make comments on stuff you don't know about.

You did say duh...

SGal25 5

If it was made right they should of started feeling it when they were still there. Like I said, my bad, cause they prob are inexperienced and didn't know. But still they should of felt it before they left unless it wasn't that strong. But op apparently was feeling it very strongly so it just doesn't make sense.

bizarre_ftw 21

SGal25 - get some help for your anger issues and your overly cocky dip shit attitude, your actions mirror those of a three year old denied ice-cream, piss off!

Well if you were experienced you would know that the affects don't happen right away... Goodjob you look like a real badass talking about your experience with pot cake

Fuckin grammar nazis

desireev 17

16- is the Shawnee you live in in OK?

desireev 17

SGal25- are you fuckin kidding me? You're smarter than all of us? STFU and get outta here! Your "better than everyone" attitude is NOT welcome here!! You are a dumb ass! Don't flip out on everyone just because you were proven wrong! Once again, STFU and get outta here!!

cc_the_beast 6

^ Lady you're the one flipping out

Sgal just shut up! Please!

fiblydinkerton 0


You're a feisty one... You should go practice baking because you're taking life way to serious right now.

monkeysareyummy 0

SGal25.. People usually don't expect to taste weed in their food. Settle your tits.

SGal25 5

Lmfao, who's being nasty here? Not me. You all are. Just check your own comments. You crack me up. I'm not the angry one here. My comments weren't nasty or angry but yours sure as hell were. Lmao, whose the angry and stupid ones now? Not me... Happy Holidays to all you angry grinches....

SGal25 5

Who is flipping out right now lol?? I haven't flipped out once. I think your the one that needs anger management. There's no need to get angry on FML lol. Lmao. Happy Holidays to you. Cheer up, your life will hopefully get better and happier!

SGal25 5

Well apparently you have lots of experience with them lol. Like I said if it was made right and a strong one you would feel it faster. Learn to read past comments before you get angry and share your experiences being a pothead.

SGal25 5

#129 was for #86

xcdog16 0

SGal25 Shut up. And take a chill pill and reread all your comments.. You wigged out on everyone by telling them they don't know shit. And you know it all and they don't gave experience... But do you have experience... That's the key question unless your a weed and food doctor you do not have no expertise or experience. Thank you. *walks away*

SGal25 5

Lol are YOU a weed or food doctor? Ever here of telling people their stupid without yelling or getting angry. I was stating not flipping out so go get a life. If you read the comments you'll see everyone else's was much angrier and they were the ones flipping out. Lmao. So being that you think you're an expert you must be a pothead too. Right? Lol. Or maybe you should be so you can chill the F out. Lmao =D

SGal25 5

And once again, MERRY CHRISTMAS to all you cranky scrooges. Hopefully you will all get some happiness and love for Christmas so you won't all be so nasty and negative all the time. Just because I say people don't know about something doesn't mean I being nasty and flipping out. I'm stating a fact. I'm pretty sure not everyone knows everything there is to know out there. I know I don't know everything and neither do you!

Llamacod 11

#149 hear* and they're* - is it really that fucking hard to figure out which spelling of the word to use so you don't look like a moron?

You're still fighting strangers over the Internet.

SGal25 5

Sorry didn't know you were one of those grammar nazi's lol. I'm not writing a paper for school or work so does it really matter?! Lol. It's friggin FML. Lmao. Sorry you take it so seriously....That's sad!

SGal25 5

#228 it is sad that you guys keep going on with it. I'm only responding. Drop it and get a life! You all are the one's being negative and fighting...Merry Christmas to you and I hope you get some Christmas cheer in you or something. Lol.

bizarre_ftw 21

228 - Ahhh... Denial, hypocrisy, in ability to tell when the battle is lost, "everything revolves around me" mindset, miss-understanding of FML customs, there's more, but wasting my time on a guy who is pointlessly spamming FML the first day of my Christmas break would make me nearly as much of a fail as you are so... Nope. Also, stop perseverating on "Merry Christmas" for one thing, everyone doesn't celebrate Christmas

SGal25 5

ng#270. Ok #1 how am I spamming because I posted a comment and responded to comments back? That's not spamming. Go check your definition. #2 everyone else is doing the same crap as me so how are they any different? You try to come off as smart but obviously your not too smart. Also, I know not everybody celebrates Christmas but I do and I prefer to say Merry Christmas instead of Happy Holidays. To each their own....I only say it because I want people to enjoy their Christmas and not be miserable F*#ks like you who just have to keep putting up comments that didn't even pertain to you in the first place. So stop trolling and get your own life. Make your own comments about a FML instead of changing it to be about a person who posted a comment. Stop being a troll. It's ugly. Oh and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!! :)

Roomate- duuuude what cake???

Alternately: "Today, I came home and found my roommate served my 'pot'olate cake to their parents. FML"