By englishclasshigh - 10/09/2009 21:34 - United States

Today, I was having a really bad day and told my friend at lunch about how stressed I was and he gave me his brownie to cheer me up. After school, he texted me "Did the brownies kick in?" Yes, they did, right in the middle of my English presentation. They were "funny" brownies. FML
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I hope you thanked said friend for sharing their stash...


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That must've been one AWESOME presentation

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I wish i had friends who randomly gave out bud brownies

I agree with #69. "Boohooo, my life is awful... Thanks for the brownie! Nom nom nom."

This Isn't a FML you get to have free weed YAY!


Toxi, i love you for the fact that you worked in a 'nom nom nom' there. thank you, it made me laugh...a lot. now I'm pretty sure the whole office thinks I'm insane.

Weird. I was thinking about making brownies. And the nom nom nom is just awesome.

Haha, thanks. Glad you liked it. Embrace you insanity...

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YDI for not eating frosted flakes. VANILLA IS BETTER BICHES!!!

intoxicunt.....ur rele pretty....special brownies are mad tasty so y r u complaining???

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I would love some free brownies any day but strong enough brownies can really **** you up alot more than just smoking, a presentation would have sucked.

I hope you thanked said friend for sharing their stash...

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That'd be the first thing I thought if one of my friend's handed me a brownie.

Which is why I don't eat brownies unless I make them -_-

Oh shit....And if anyone finds out, who's going to believe that your friend gave it to you?

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5th woot!!!!!!!!!!! I WIN now go make me a sandwich