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Today, I walked into my dorm to find my roommate and his friends using my bass clarinet to smoke weed. FML
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Sounds like a cool way to smoke. I'll have to try it some time haha.

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Were they playing it on a high note?


Sounds like a cool way to smoke. I'll have to try it some time haha.

How would that even work? You'd have to plug all the keys at once.

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maybe it didn't. Pot heads will try anything.

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Ahhh nice very. Brings back memories of plastic soda bottles and dryer sheets. *sigh*

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This sounds like something I would see in a Harold and Kumar movie.

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Well, you'll be the coolest kid in band now!

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Now you will get the munchies every time you play.

**** you, Keevarou. OP, tell them to buy their own bong. Or you could have joined them. :)

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Were they playing it on a high note?

My sister used to play bass clarinet, and it is impossible to plug all of the holes at once. Genius pot heads...

I played the bass clarinet also!! I guess if they used tape they could plug up all the holes at once, but I'm thinking that they didn't think that far in advance.

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Considering there were multiple people there it wouldn't be that hard for all persons involved to help in covering the holes, assuming that's what they were doing sounds like a solid plan. :)

I believe Keevarou is entitled to his own everybody is. No need to say "**** you" unless you like looking like an asshat.

He just generalized that all stoners have no respect for other's possessions, which insulted me, because I'm very careful when handling other's items. That's why I said, "**** you."

I agree with Brianjman14. I'm a stoner, and I handle other people's belongings with extreme care. Generalizations are never right, no matter if it's about stoners, LGBT people, religions, music, etc. It's just not right.

Going to have to try this on my trombone. I'm going to get higher than the high F.

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Haha its another story dealing with weed. I wonder how worked up we can get keevarou this time :)

God damn ignorant assholes. STONERS AREN'T SYUPID AND WEED DOESNT MAKE YOU STUPID! From my experience, people who regularly drink heavily are tenfold more ****** up than casual weed smokers.

brianjman, I've seen lots of your comments and you're nothing but an idiotic brain-fried pothead with an obsession with mentioning how you smoke weed, and acting like a dumbass internet tough guy. don't bitch about getting some of the sass right back, hypocrite

You are wrong on four points. 1. I only ever say anything about me smoking weed on FMLs related to weed, and that's only after people make fun of stoners. I don't mention them in every comment I make. 2. Please explain how I act like an "internet tough guy." 3. I have maybe sassed once or twice, which I don't even remember from. 4. Please also explain how I am a hypocrite.

the weed's obviously gone to your head if you don't remember all the times you've cussed out the most innocent commenters, man. read up on it son, it's a common symptom. fire me a pm when you get your short term memory back on track, all right cheers man

completedumbass 0

156- U say stoners ain't syupid? There's two things wrong with that... Grammar and your spelling if you are going to comment on saying stoners ain't "syupid" make sure you spell it right and make it grammatically correct or you seem stupid.

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Awww **** I misread.... See that's an example of looking like an idiot

Make sure its actually drugs, and not vanilla icecream.

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178-weed cannot "go to your head" there are absolutely no long term effects of THC, especially mental changes. Its not crack. It impairs the brain's ability to function much less than alcohol or any other drugs. It actually heightens auditory and olfactory senses. Your ignorance on this subject is apparent.

189-BTW your grammar is HORRIFIC. Try using periods next time. Think all the way back to first grade...

T **** all u haring on stoners weed makes u stupid but only of u abuse it

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Of sides of the opinions on weed are extremely annoying.

You, sir, are an ass clown. Weed does in fact ruin your lungs, the tar input is actually much higher than that of a cigarette, but since they don't smoke as much, normally stoners can get away with minor damage. Try actually reading an article before posting such an asinine comment.

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you my good sir are a moron for 2 reasons one the tar intake when you smoke a blunt is no where near that of a normal cigarette and 2 you have no idea what the **** your saying so don't talk just cause you read a fake ass Internet article dumb ****

Yes, let's all go out and by an expensive instrument just to use it to *attempt* to smoke week. Seriously though. Just spend the money on pa nice glass piece or a plasma bong instead.

#110 and 114, I have a hard time believing that people who can't even respect a simple law can respect other's property. If you're willing to give the government the finger so blatantly, I'm sure you're more than willing to **** over individual people.

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271-following laws has nothing to do with respecting people's possessions. I'm usually a law abiding citizen but I'll also be the first to admit there's a lot of stupid laws out there that really should be done away with.

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They learned how to hit the high notes.

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Most of the times you don't pick your roommates.

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In a DORM, it is rare to have the opportunity to choose your roommate.

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Generally you can't chose if you are a frosh - you can do a lotto for different dorms and roommates eventually. At that point though you can live off campus... So no point in it.

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you can choose, where I live, I'm not american sorry :|

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You can't choose your roommates, but you can complain to student housing and make them pay for the repair costs to your instrument. Seriously, those people are f***ing idiots, musical instruments are too expensive for doing dumb s*** like this.

Dumbass, you don't choose your roommates!

Wow I never thought to smoke that way. But they could have just hollowed out an apple and used that

Nice not sure how you would do that but it seems awesome

You can't hate on a brilliant idea, you have to give it to them on that one.

Woah a CoD playin Aussie girl??? 360 or PS3?

ps3, :) mum broke my xbox ages ago and haven't got a new one yet! but I don't mind either :)

Awesome, what's your psn? Maybe we can play sometime.

"I'm not really an average girl." - Average girls.

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This is NOT a hook up site. So.... You "**** Off"

Wow old lady. You don't even belong in this conversation. And I'm not trying to "hook up" why don't you go nit something.

Don't be too harsh on poor crw817; he obviously mistyped. Easy mistake to make.

Except he's gonna smell like skunk at every band practice. Whenever he inhales at a rest, he's probably gonna get a huge whiff of ganja stink.

So I'll ruin something that's at least several hundred dollars of yours for a one time stupid use like wiping my ass. Then we'll see how good your mood is

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That would completely ruin the bass clarinet! Hope they pay for a new one.

Dude u have to change ur pic cuz it's pissing me off (I'm christian)

No dude, he doesn't have to do shit just because you say so. Try something called tolerance and forgiveness. Didn't someone else teach that too?

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How rude to bogart YOUR bass clarinet… SMH.

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That is so not cool it's not even funny. Really they would use YOUR several hundred dollar clarinet? I wish you well in finding new roommates OP =

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Don't ******* thumbs down his comment. He was only speaking the truth, bitches.

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Bass clarinets are worth way more than that! I'd strangle someone!!

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A CHEAP one is $1500...which is really irritating when you want to buy one.

Yeah. And I imagine that if he's pursuing this in college, he's playing a $6,000 horn. That's terrible, OP. If my sax was treated that way, I'd be beating some heads in.

Yeah. And I imagine that if he's pursuing this in college, he's playing a $6,000 horn. That's terrible, OP. If my sax was treated that way, I'd be beating some heads in.

I agree, so disrespectful of the roommate... People these days...

There ya go, get some calli kush in it and play the **** out of it