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Today, my 8 year old adopted daughter told me she wants me to take her back so another family can adopt her because I don't give her enough toys. FML
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That's hurtful. just keep her until the warranty expires.

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sell that idiot child! sell her to underground sex slavery!

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Slap the capricious child, she needs some discipline.

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How does she know what "enough" toys is? And does she expect presents for no reason? Either her friends suck or you spoiled her.

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She'll be fine until the newest Buzz Lightyear toy comes out, then she'll be a whiny brat again!

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Yeah, 13, that was uncalled for, a bit too much over the edge...

tell her you would take her back but you lost the reciept

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Buy her less and don't take her back!

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Big deal kids say stuff like that all the time. Wait til she's 16, and becomes a real bitch.

Lol @ Playing with the designs in the carpet Tough love but very effective I'm sure

take away all her toys. then she'll appreciate the ones she has

haley, you're cute! And OP, relax will you? kids say a bunch of crap all the time..

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Allen, you're creepy. Bring the kid back to the centre then see how she feels in about a month.

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agreed with 50, on both things that were said.

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Does flirting on FML give one something else besides receiving negative (and truthful) comments? Btw, there's no Haley in comments above, at least in the usernames

these days some kids are just never happy wtv you do for them... and the'll be ungreatfull even if you give them the moon... well, she says she doesnt have enough toys, make it happen for real!! or tell her some kids in africa make soccer balls with plastic bags... maybe she'll realize she's really lucky to have what she has!!!!

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10 I'm surprised that these ******* idiots didn't moderate you yet but they'll moderate the **** out of me... NE way OP I understand she's adopted but sometimes you have to put a ******* brat in their place... whip that ass... that'll teach er...

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agree with 28. and that's really cute actually. kids always say stuff they don't mean. when i was little i used to tell my parents i hate them when they wouldn't take me to the toy store.

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**** slap her. Problem solved Jk

it's a shame corporal punishment is outlawed in MA. sometimes a time out is not enough

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wow what an ungrateful child u really should give her back fyl

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I'm not even going to pretend to give good parenting advice as my little daemon has my genetics and I still have no idea how to overcome that. But uh, good luck.

this is y u don't tell them that they're adopted until they get older

That's hurtful. just keep her until the warranty expires.

Why would you wait until after the warranty? Surely you'd take action while it was still in effect. That's just dumb.

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omg hilarious maybe sehe got a money back guarantee like wal mart if it's not good well give u a refund and a nother product free of charge

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There is no such thing as a warrinty for adoption. Im adopted nd its been 19 years, u cnt give an adopted child back

please don't flame me, its the first time I've ever done that. It was a joke, then I realized I couldn't edit that out from my phone.

Don't worry because the moderators will delete your comment anyway.

I hit the wrong button to comment, that really wasn't directed at you. lol, sorry!!

anyway, does she also happen to have red hair ? I smell a birch slap coming on

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45, I have a question for you.

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I like redheads, wish my kid were one :)

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Like Junior from the Problem Child movies?

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I know it's none of my business but I was just wondering, do you actually know blue coconuts? like have you actually met him in person or did you meet him on fml?

ydi for not giving her enough toys selfish byatch

How is he being a "selfish byatch" for not spoiling his kid?

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failed attempt at bring funny, try harder?

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Failed attempt at spelling "being". Try harder?

lmao ******* grammar Nazi, and I'm on my iPod so it changed it, try harder?

Don't like the joke? Return it. Unless you threw out the receipt... I thought it was funny. :D

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#131 it was funny. You would know that if you weren't a moron who lives a pathetic, humorless life. haha, jk

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suck my freaking balls "brah"

lol @ 9.. receipts for foster children.... genius

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Lol I don't know why, but I laughed at the combination of your picture and comment! XD

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17, hahaha Your picture and comment make a funny combination. xD

Take away her toys until she leans to appreciate what she does have!