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  mona_is_here  |  10

Does flirting on FML give one something else besides receiving negative (and truthful) comments? Btw, there's no Haley in comments above, at least in the usernames


these days some kids are just never happy wtv you do for them... and the'll be ungreatfull even if you give them the moon... well, she says she doesnt have enough toys, make it happen for real!! or tell her some kids in africa make soccer balls with plastic bags... maybe she'll realize she's really lucky to have what she has!!!!


10 I'm surprised that these fucking idiots didn't moderate you yet but they'll moderate the fuck out of me... NE way OP I understand she's adopted but sometimes you have to put a fucking brat in their place... whip that ass... that'll teach er...

  banananut  |  0

agree with 28. and that's really cute actually. kids always say stuff they don't mean. when i was little i used to tell my parents i hate them when they wouldn't take me to the toy store.

  Krajjan  |  9

I'm not even going to pretend to give good parenting advice as my little daemon has
my genetics and I still have no idea how to overcome that. But uh, good luck.

  YESimmaDoctor  |  0

I know it's none of my business but I was just wondering, do you actually know blue coconuts? like have you actually met him in person or did you meet him on fml?