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  MrsDruidess  |  23

not sure why this is one is being thumbs down, maybe it could be more clear. But I had the same reaction, maybe OP needs to drink less beer, obviously the kid got the saying from somewhere. . .

  MsFit  |  17

All it takes is kids hearing something once, even from a stranger, for them to start repeating it. I got a call from my then 3 years old daughter's school and was horrified to learn that she had called her teacher a cunt. I asked where she had heard it, since it's something I have made sure to never say in front of her. It turned out that she had overheard an older student she didn't know say it to someone at recess and thought it meant friend. It took awhile to reinforce that it was not something appropriate for her to say.

  kittykat1501  |  31

Sorry, I said the first thing that came to mind. Though it may not be accurate, that's why the question mark is at the end. I was not sure if she heard it from op

  lexos  |  16

Every generation has stupid people. It just looks like the amount is growing cause of all the stuff stupid people do is posted on the Internet

  SubparAtBest  |  23

31 is speaking the truth people did the same stupid stuff or at least equally stupid stuff in the past. people just didnt hear about becuase the internet wasn't around to let everyone know.

  ThatOneChick856  |  36

#3- The girl is eight years old. You're twenty-three. You're not even IN the same generation, unless your profile is way off.


3, unless you're bitching about the generation that raised the one that just asked for a beer, you aren't actually a part of it, as at 15 years older you could have parented this kid. Either way, there isn't anything really wrong with the kid making a statement like that, genius, in all likelihood, there is no way beer is actually palatable for a kid that age. They probobly picked it up watching the Simpson's or something.

  sadistmonkey  |  19

Be a better model, meaning what exactly? It is in fact possible for parents to drink in front of their kids without negatively affecting them. In fact, based on the FML alone, I only see a kid who mimicked her parent without necessarily meaning what she said (I'm sure that if someone offered her a beer, she'd spit it out immediately). The only reason that what she said is inappropriate is because of her age, and that's just a matter of teaching her that there are certain activities that only grownups can take part in.

  Redgy22  |  26

Kids repeat what that hear. Obviously, this one has heard "I need a beer" from someone. The fact that she used it in the correct context indicates it's been heard numerous times. The idea is that parents watch their mouth around kids or suffer the consequences. OP better hope the kid doesn't say something like that in school, or child welfare services will be all over it.

By  qdawg06  |  23

More like you'll be needing plenty of beers once she reaches her teenage years.

By  ceelos97  |  16

Kids like to imitate and copy what their parents do. Your kids see you as a role model, so her behavior and attitude comes from you, or her other parent or someone else she see's a role model