By ss - Australia
Today, I took my new iPhone into a technician to complain that when people called me, the audio was very quiet and muffled. Convinced it was a fault, I demanded a replacement. That is when he peeled off the factory issued protective screen that covered the ear piece. FML
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By  Stahvonbert  |  6

iPhones are usually shit.. but I think 3GS' are sometimes quite cool

  Keyman1212  |  14

Yep, I had a brief stint with Apple where I had to do the exact same thing,
Me- "Ma'am, have you removed the screen cover yet?"
Oblivious old woman-"what's that?"
Me- *sigh* "Here you go ma'am, it should be fine now." *contemplate how to commit suicide with a MacBook*

  stro88  |  6

That screen doesn't mess up the audio maybe those dumbasses should turn the volume up. Noobs.

  JBTSfan  |  2

my opinion of the iphone 5: i think apple is now just going overboard! and now tht bill gates quit apple, its gonna be shit! and all the crazed apple finatics just buy and buy as much apple products as they can because they are obsessed and cant think for themselves!

  itsame0987  |  18

Ummm 166 know what you're talking about before you comment. Bill Gates is with Microsoft not Apple. Steve Jobs is the one that just left Apple. Also Apple is better, fewer crashes better performance.

  sunlovinmama  |  1

Ha ha I did the same thing.. Not demanding tho. But funny anyhow. I wanted to keep as much protection on the phone as possible and wasn't aware that those didn't have earholes. They sell sheets to replace those

  drawmesunshine  |  17

I do. That's the first thing I do to a new phone or whatever. And if I'm playing with someone else's phone, I always ask if I can peel their stickers off. They usually say no. The stickers really, really bother me.

  chickenflem  |  8

Mine didn't have a tab and i was waiting for the screen protectors I ordered to come in so I didn't take off the protector and stupidly thought the phone was busted or retarded cuz the voice was so low..... Honest mistake, it's all good OP

  HomeAl0ne  |  20

And on the flip side, I went in to an Apple store several times to try a fix a warbling sound that only happened when I listened to podcasts. Three Apple guys failed to notice that I had inadvertently set the playback speed on 2x. Didn't earn their money there.