By anon - 16/12/2015 15:28 - Australia - Salisbury

Today, my daughter asked me if we could adopt a child. I said no, since we can't afford to support another child. She then asked me if she could just adopt another dad instead. FML
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Your child has some sass

doesn't sound like sass to me lol maybe the kid thought another dad equals more income so they can afford to adopt a child lol?


Your child has some sass

corky1992 33

Lol that's kind of funny.

Hey, at least you know you're child will grow up to reply with some witty-ass comebacks.

Sorry, but *your

Sorry 33, but that is not a proper sentence.

doesn't sound like sass to me lol maybe the kid thought another dad equals more income so they can afford to adopt a child lol?

That's what I was thinking. that or that another dad is about equivalent to another kid but also provides income

I thought the same thing... Since dad may be the breadwinner it would makes sense that she figures double dads means double income...

I had a lot of ex girlfriends you felt the same way.

Jhope!!!!! BTS fans UNITE!!!

Why stop there? Why not adopt another mother and then another child and another set of grandparents, and so on.

YDI for not saying it to her respectfully

Yeah, there's nothing less respectful than providing an honest answer.

#8 How did OP not say that to her daughter respectfully?

The poor girl wants a sibling. Having an only child is an evil thing to do as parents. I know this because I am one myself and wanted nothing more than an adopted brother or sister for years. If you can only "afford" to have one, don't have any at all. Just my opinion, but I feel her pain.

"if you can't do it fully, then don't" is one of our greatest failures. Do the best you can.

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#16, do know that you're basically saying you'd rather your parents didn't have you, right? I mean, I thought life was special, but if you really don't want to live...there are plenty of people who are fighting for their lives. Maybe become an organ donor before you do anything about it. :) be happy for what you have, and stop looking at what others have with envy. You're lucky to be on this earth.

so you decide to do heart surgery on someone and then give up halfway through? But hey, at least you did your best. yes people can't always be perfect but it is our duty not to make important decisions that effect the lifelong happiness and wellbeing of others.

20 I'm not saying I don't want to live I am offering my personal experiences to people to take into account. Going from a comment of life expereince and troubles to telling me I should kill myself is completely unsound logic.

One child is enough for some people. Yes they don't have siblings but they're usually incredibly spoilt and get whatever they want. But don't hate your parents for only having one child, there may have been multiple reasons as to why they couldn't have another.

"spoiled and get whatever they want" all you are doing is picking a popular side and parroting a common stereotype which goes to show you don't know what you're talking about

You're kind of an idiot.

16, have you ever heard the expression 'the grass is always greener on the other side'? Most only children spend their childhoods wanting siblings, and most children with siblings spend their childhood wanting to be only children. There is no one right way to have a family and no one way to parent perfectly. There is just the life that you have, and how you chose to live it.

#16 What you said makes no sense.

There is definitely a bit of "grass is greener" I don't deny that but bottom line is I spent a huge amount of my childhood alone. When my parents are dead, I will have no one and if I decide to have kids they will have no aunts, uncles or cousins on my side. Being an only child is not just the lack of a sibling, it changes how you learn to interact with others.

So having one child is "evil", but what about you know, abusing/murdering your child? I am an only child and have a single parent, and I grew up fine. I never wanted siblings. Jusr because you can't be happy doesn't mean every only child endlessly whines about something that doesn't matter. My mom doesn't even really talk to her siblings, they're not great, so having siblings doesn't mean you'll have people in your life forever or that they'll even like you.

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@16, having an only child is NOT an evil thing to do as parents. I know this because I am one myself and I NEVER wanted any siblings, ever. My parents could "afford" more than one, but only had one. Thanks to that, I am much more financially secure (read: not in tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt due to higher education, they were able to pay $300k NICU costs for the first month of my life, etc.). If you can't "afford" to provide for children, don't have any at all. Just my opinion, but I think you're nuts.

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#16, it sounds rather self-obsessed that you should think all only children were unhappy and dreamed of having a sibling just because you in particular felt this way.

Sorry, but single children ARE more spoiled thanks there was multiple children. It's simple. One child = all attention, toys, ect. Two or more children = shared attention, toys, such, the money has to be used to give them all something. Just because you have a sibling doesn't mean you aren't alone. Just because you are a single child doesn't mean you are alone. There's this great thing called friends.

#16 are you serious "if you could only afford one don't have any at all" that has to be the most idiotic thing I've ever heard do you not know how much it costs to raise a child?! On average it's about 280,000

But, see, for every one of you, there is one of me who didn't hate being an only child. I spent the first half of my childhood as an only child and never gave even a passing thought to wanting a sibling. Not only was I an only child, I grew up on property so I couldn't just walk out my front door to go knock on a friend's door. It wasn't until I was older that I moved to a neighborhood and got a sibling all at once. I am a married adult now and I love my brothers and would die for them, but growing up in a house with two other siblings wasn't as apple pie as you seem to think. My sport was and still is 3 day eventing (a horse sport that makes a lot of people seem to think we have a death wish) and my brothers were into things like soccer, football, basketball, etc. Now they are awesome lacrosse players. Those sports were far more interesting to my family so my brothers were made the priority. I don't hold that against them but, growing up, it hurt a lot to see them get so much support while my mare (female horse) and I were dropped off at the showgrounds to do our thing while everyone attended my brothers' stuff. They had someone at every practice, game, and tournament and I was lucky if someone from my family showed up while I was on course at one of my occasional events. I felt unimportant throughout the entire second half of my childhood because my siblings were into something more interesting to my family. I wouldn't trade my brothers for anything and I love my family very much and I am grateful that they at least financially supported all of our sports as kids, but I would have been okay as an only child too. Your way is not the only way.

I'm an only child, #16, and I'm just fine with it. If parents, by chance, don't have twins, it doesn't mean that they are "evil". And don't act like you are speaking for every only child out there, because you aren't.

#43 I feel your pain. I too showed horses. My mother was very supportive of it, and my brother's football. My dad, on the other hand, would say he would come to shows, then not show up, or come at the beginning and then leave before I ever even had a class. But he was always at my brother's stuff.

I was kinda the opposite to you #43 my siblings were all 9-11 years old when I was born (and there was 4 of them). I had siblings, but no where close to me in age. My siblings had all moved out before my ninth birthday. My parents and I moved to a different city for my dads work, and so we only saw my siblings a few times a year for weekend visits. This meant that although I wasn't an only child, I lived as though I was one. my parents had me quite late (my mom was 32, and my dad 34) so by the time I was old enough to really do things they were tired. My siblings complained about me being spoiled all the time, but the math of it is my dad got a much higher wage when we moved, and they were now supporting 1 child, not 5. I got spoiled in a monetary / material sense, but my siblings had my parents time and energy. I was spoiled with toys and art supplies and games I could play on my own and entertain myself. They had less in that sense, but always had eachother to play with and my parents had the time and energy to take them to do things, so I got presents and they got presence. I can't explain how much I wished I could have their time and energy growing up... but I grew up with a mom with chronic illness (it set in at menopause which was her late 30's for her) so she never had energy, a dad who was at work all the time, and siblings always trying to pass me off so they could go out with their friends. Part of it is the grass is always greener, and part of it is hating being treated like a spoilt brat by my siblings (even now that I am an adult they can't get past that.) when they got everything I wanted. I would have gladly traded the extra toys and craft supplies for days spent skiing, swimming, picnicking, activity doing with my parents... I grew up hearing the stories of all the things they did when my siblings were young, and maybe if I hadn't known about those things I wouldn't have felt the same....

#16, thats stupid reasoning, what if the parents only want one child? What if they feel that one child is enough? What if the parents cant afford another child?

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If a toy isn't fun anymore, throw it away. If your dad isn't fun anymore, get a new one!

Rules of the "cool" parent and the other is the automatic "bad" parent. She'll come around.