By stepmom - 18/06/2011 09:40 - Australia

Today, I explained to my 5 year old daughter that her older sister from my husband's first marriage lives with her mommy, and my daughter lives with us. She exclaimed, "It's not fair! I want two mommies like she has! Can we swap, I like her mommy better than you anyway!" FML
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Being a good parent doesn't mean being the favorite.


Agreed with 1. Don't take it personal, it's just a card she can use whenever she wants her T.V. time or that candy bar she threw a tantrum over in Walmart an embarrassed you in front of your bf.

Slim Shady FTW! listening to him now.. i wonder hpw fast this will get thumbed down

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12 im listening to him too, i love himm

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wait till she's 13 then embarrass the he'll out of her

well no shit Sherlock the kid is probably 3-5 years old just sayin'..

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66, we know it's 5 because it says it in the FML in the first place...

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34 i would of never geussed that

eminemchick 19

82, i was just about to get pissed at you, but then i saw ur bio. so never mind.^_^

1 : you seem very immature on your pic too x)

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says the lil round boy in the doller store shades looking atleast the age of 12 lol

oh no! your life sucks op! maybe some candy on the side will help? ;)

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she's just a kid dont worry about it :p

lol But think about it. Op's daughter likes her better than her anyway. Clever way to say I hate you...

candy bribes are the way into children's hearts :)

2- Creepy winking face is creepy...

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4 that emoticon has some long earlobes.

I'm so confused!! my head is still spinning!

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ask her why she likes her better

beat the kid till she bleeds. Lol jks, maybe you should show some more love and affection to your child, possibly spoil her a little bit more.

Ahh, little kids. They just don't lie.

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they are like little acholics?

She's just a little kid. Don't take it personally.

just wondering.. but is that belly bulge supposed to be sexy?

7 while others are hating on you I'ma hate on your comment. It's a child you love and she says she doesn't like you. It's like a mother saying: "I like your sister/brother better than you." It is mean and hurtful. That's why parents aren't suppose to play favorites... even they do sometimes.

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leave the little girl alone.u can look at er and tell shes young so dont b mean. and i agree with say things sometimes.they dont mean it (if my kid were to say thay he'd/she'd get an ass-beaten they'll never forget) but somettimes u gotta let things go.You guys dont watch supernanny?lol

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43 stop being a jerk, she doesn't even have lots of fat, so what her stomach isn't paper thin and flat? And she doesn't even look that old, I bet you're a lot older. The smallest things can hurt people. (sorry for ranting).

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Actually looking back at the picture it isn't even REMOTELY over-weight looking.

Great. Another teenage female turned anorexic because of the interwebz.

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I know, people don't realize how much words can cut you emotionally. Besides, I think she's really beautiful, and you guys above saying she has a stomach bump, well you guys are shallow losers. She looks skinny anyways.

53- Its nothing like that. A five year old doesn't know that they're hurting your feelings, they just know that the "other mommy" doesn't make them go to bed or give them a time out, so they think they like her more. If you're the parent you chose to have children therefore can't play favorites.

She just doesn't understand all the hard work you do yet

11 guessing by your picture they do the darkest things too.

57 darndest* Sorry I had to correct u :)

they were replying to the comment right above them who said "darkest"...