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Today, my mom was screaming at me and said, "I wish I'd never adopted you." I guess I'm adopted then. FML
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And that's when you yell "I WISH YOU NEVER ADOPTED ME TOO, BITCH!"


my parents shout that at me all the time.

Wat kinda dumbass only comments to be the first person commenting?

And that's when you yell "I WISH YOU NEVER ADOPTED ME TOO, BITCH!"

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I wonder what OP did to get that reaction

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I like your thinking soccergirl :)

OP probably spelled witch wrong on a report

U must be pretty hot judging ur girlfriend

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You should never call your mother a bitch.

My father once yelled, "I shouldve gotten that vasectomy!" to me for misplacing his reading glasses. He never reads.

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"I wish I was never adopted t-... wait what?"

Or maybe the constant jibber jabber and yapping emanating from her cake hole got on the mother's nerves...

That's when you say that when you're old I'm taking you to the cheapest most piss smelly retirement home I can find, and il never visit you. Unless you leave me all your money.

51 she may not have given birth to him, but she is his mother

She's his mother whether she gave birth to him or not.

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I see an ice-cream run in your future.

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I don't care what you did (with exceptions to murder and rape) your mom or dad should never say that shit to you.

under that circumstance I believe she had the right to say that.

tell her how starving on the streets would be better than dealing with ur bitch foster mother

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I think it's freaking hilarious, I lol'd for a little bit

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128 and 129 ur profile pictures are ironic together :)

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I don't understand how this is funny. Kinda pathetic on the mother's part for resorting to that.

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4- you're not very funny..or bright.

His name befits his comments, all you need to do is swap "y" with " i " and it's perfect.

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Hahahaha, mean yet so funny

once again, all of your comments suck, yusostupid

You would know what that feels like, wouldn't you #4?

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If you're going to make fun of the OP for being adopted, at least take the time to come up with something witty. Hell, a bag of potato chips probably would've thought of a better joke. Who wants to bet that this asshole is going to come back saying something along the lines of "lolol itrol u gaiz u mad"? They always say that when they get told they're not funny at all...

Haha, epic comment. Sorry for all the 'I feel so sorry' people, but this one really made me laugh. Besides, this is what you get when you post a FML. +1

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Your name speaks for yourself, "YUSOSTUPID".

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Wow, that was soo funny I forgot to laugh but i guess u would be the only one here to know what it feels like to be rejected, Right??

Yea yusostupid12 ur mom hasnt told u yet I'm guessing?

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You're a dick, and a commie.

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that sucks wat were u guys arguing about that got your mom so pissed

Whatever it was, it does not warrant revealing such sensitive information in such a cruel manner. The mother sounds like a douche. Even if the OP did something terrible, I would still think that way of the mother.

I agree, goshpeople. That's the kind of you really need to handle delicately.

They were arguing about who used the last toilet roll

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She was mad that someone threw a fu*king brick threw my car window. Turns out my real parents are really cool though.

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I feel that she took the easy way out.

better than never finding out... wait.. no, no it isnt.

That's so senseless. Why did she say that though? What the crap did you do??

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Downside to FML. You don't know the whole story. However, a parent should never scream something so harsh. IDK. People say some really harsh things in the moment. It just really sucks that you had to find out like this =/.

mom's can be generous.... then they take that generosity and stab you with it... FYL

Normally I say don't take it seriously because she was angry, but even if you're angry that's not something you yell. Sorry you found out that way OP :(