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  TaylorTotsYumm  |  10

You should never call your mother a bitch.


If you're going to make fun of the OP for being adopted, at least take the time to come up with something witty. Hell, a bag of potato chips probably would've thought of a better joke.

Who wants to bet that this asshole is going to come back saying something along the lines of "lolol itrol u gaiz u mad"? They always say that when they get told they're not funny at all...

  goshpeople  |  4

Whatever it was, it does not warrant revealing such sensitive information in such a cruel manner. The mother sounds like a douche. Even if the OP did something terrible, I would still think that way of the mother.

  sxe_beast  |  11

Downside to FML. You don't know the whole story. However, a parent should never scream something so harsh. IDK. People say some really harsh things in the moment. It just really sucks that you had to find out like this =/.