By Xandriajoy10 - 04/01/2016 05:21 - Australia

Today, my 5 year-old informed me she likes her "other mummy" more and wants to live with her instead. I need to have a long conversation with my husband. FML
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maybe it's her imaginary "Mom". hopefully. if not, damn

Take it easy maybe its just his other wife . JK


Oh dear... Kids say the darnedest things...

... look at your profile pic and turn the other way

I suppose we can blame the kids from South Park for that comment but I can't remember how old they're supposed to be.

maybe it's her imaginary "Mom". hopefully. if not, damn

Maybe she means something else, like an aunt or something, hopefully so, good luck OP.

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Does she have any friends she spends time at their house? might view their friends mother as her other mommy.

At least she's cute? .... Better follow this up.

Honestly, there's so many ways this could go, a follow up is definitely needed.

could be a friends mom she just sees as another mother

there was another fml really similar to this recently and everyone said that maybe the "other mom" just spoiled your daughter and that's probably all it is. you probably have to act like bad cop more of the time unfortunately and your kid is too young to understand

Nah, the problem is that OP is still with her kid's dad. So any "other" mom they have is more than likely her husband's secret mistress.

A 5 year old is more than old enough to understand that some person who spoils them isn't called a mom.

12, you're implying this guy is idiotic enough to invite his mistress home. and that she is idiotic enough to act like his kids' mom

37- you're implying that men aren't that stupid? we are...

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i also remember one but the child said daddy. waited ages for a follow up but nothing.

37 - Maybe not specifically invite her into his home, but it is certainly not unheard of for people to introduce their children to their secret lovers. And just because she might not exactly say the words "I'm your mom", doesn't mean a 5 year old wouldn't consider her to be like one if she spends enough time around her and sees her with her father the way he is with her real mother. It's really not that far fetched.