By moncheri1314 - 10/09/2010 16:13 - France

Today, because I have a beach party tomorrow, I used a new gel that is supposed to prevent razor burn after shaving the bikini line. Turns out I'm highly allergic to the gel. Now I have hundreds of beautiful red bumps that look like razor burn. FML
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well... tell them it herpes... then no one will think it's razor burn.

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People are gonna think its herpes more than anything.


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People are gonna think its herpes more than anything.

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at least they don't resemble a herpes rash

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Whenever most people see any types of bumps anywhere they just say its herpes because most never really see one in person. People also like to talk a lot of crap.

lol. I'm betting on not using a new razor and they are razor bumps.

that's horrible OP. at least they make shorts to swim in to save you from too much embarrassment.

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it's this amazing thing called get in the shower and let the pores on your crotch open up and THEN shave and looky here no razor bumps/herpes-like bumps

I have the exact same reaction to any and all shaving gels. It's always fun trying to shave just after you've broken out in hives.

YDI it for trying a new product the day before a party. You should always test it out first, and then test only a small area to make sure you don't react to it.

If it's really that bad then don't go. Make up some excuse or go but don't get in the water. At least you know you wont make the same mistake twice.

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just go and if ppl ask why ur not gettin in the water just say u forgot to shave and u have a massive bush and dont want ppl to see

Riiiight... exchanging one type of embarrassment for another?