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Today, it was my last day with my boyfriend before he went to college. At the store, he got a huge box of condoms. When I asked why he was getting so many, he said they were for the girls he meets at college. He then asked me to steal them for him. FML
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Dump him then. He just told you he planned to cheat on you. YDI if you got them anyway.

FYLDeep 25

For whatever reason I think that there would have been signs that he was an asshole much early in the relationship.


What a bitch...

Clearly he intends to be some guy's bitch in college amirite?

My implications are apparent, kind sir...

YDI obviously he hasn't hidden the fact he cheats on you

he thinks that it is over with the relationship as it marks the final day of his school too.

Ask him to steal some contraception pills for you as you re "sleeping with another men without any protection".

Who's the bitch? Not the guy... Cause she should realize, if he was going out of town, that's like just asking for girls to hop on your dick. It's like a religion nowadays. You go out of town for university, you become a total manwhore/slut.

tweetbaby14 18

53 that is not true at all. every member of my family that has went through college has not had sex until marriage.

I'm assuming you edited that or something, but it's 'has gone/been', or 'went'. However your point is valid. But I was assuming Zealoushalfling was being sarcastic.

YDI for not expecting this. What guy doesn't sleep around in college?

iSitt 0

op will do it because she likes bad boys

perdix 29

#58 Ugly ones. Next question!

Anyone can get laid if they lower their standards low enough. People who don't get laid in college have self respect and standards. Get it, you dumb prostitute?

Instead of trying to get you to steal the condoms for him, he could have just gone to the health center because most health centers at colleges provide a variety of free condoms. what an idiot. But I guess it's better you found out he was going to get with other girls before it happened. Please dump him if you haven't already.

sheribb 5

wow what a dick!! I would be more pissed knowing all the time you had been together before was a total waste :( ......karma's a bitch though just remember that. Ps totally irrelevant .... but seeing Peter Griffin skinny is very disturbing :/

are you retarded or something? I read your other comments and I'm not sure if you're even eligible to be understanding English.

sheribb 5

Retarded ? What are you 12? Why would you go through my comments and specifically read them and make some pathetic comment on how I'm retarded.... I feel so important! Grow up -.-

he's going to college of course he's gonna have sex if your not gonna see him too much for four years waddaya expect?

Dump him then. He just told you he planned to cheat on you. YDI if you got them anyway.

I rly hope she didn't. if she did than I feel no sympathy towards her. plus, I'm sure she had some signs of this guy being an ass prior to that comment.

devildog420x 0

im still trying to figure out whats wrong with this once u go to college u brake up no serious realationships in high school

I don't think the OP is complaining that her boyfriend wanted to break up with her, but the way he did it, and that he then had the audacity to ask her to steal the condoms for him.

D13g0 0

u go girl... she was to blind to see what a big dick he was... :-)

lesson learned. guys are assholes. most guys anyways. but lets not forget most girls are bitches

He was pretty quick to get over you...

MissGrinch 4

Show him the door.

I love that kitty so much!!!

don't worry, he's just passing them out. not to be used on him

FYLDeep 25

For whatever reason I think that there would have been signs that he was an asshole much early in the relationship.

FYLDeep 25

Earlier* Plus, good natured people don't just steal something out of the blue. I hope you left him for that.

schwancy 2

Way to pick 'em!!

woow this was funny! definitely FYL

you should ask him to give you half of it so you can sleep with all the guys waiting in line sorry op but yout bfs an asshole!

muhdoggin 0

dump his ass and tell him that you caught an STD from another guy and that it got onto that jerk face. oh. and tell him you were waiting for him to leave so you can finally be with that wealthy and successful man you met a month ago. :)

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she's in highschool though..