By Carmen - United States
  Today, I realized that my boyfriend does not stop by my apartment to give me a kiss between classes. He is actually stopping by between his classes to steal my condoms because he is too cheap to pay for them when he cheats on me. FML
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  hatepineapple  |  14 Who says that the girl he's cheating with knows about the OP? That's the point of cheating: only the cheater knows. Poking holes would only hurt the other girl and the baby emotionally, financially, and possibly physically with STDs. Obviously we can tell that the boyfriend is a douche that can't commit. Who says he would raise the baby, or even pay for child support?

  Alicia17C  |  2

it has nothing to do with keying his car. that's ruining his property. and if he's stealing damaged goods that's his problem. and yes it is a very funny comment.

  hatepineapple  |  14

45, I said HER car, not HIS. And yes it would be doing damage, much like giving an STD, and should she become pregnant: causing the girl to have to drop out of her education to raise a child along with the physical pain of birthing the child, or if she opted for an abortion she would have to risk the medical issues that arise with abortion, along with emotional damage.

tl;dr poking holes in the condoms doesn't do jack shit to the guy, only the girl that DOESN'T KNOW HE'S CHEATING. There are so many other ways you could talk about to hurt the GUY. How is hurting the chick funny?

  nalia18  |  8

Dont poke holesin them! Funny joke but as a black lady, you do sonething more like burning his house down when hes not home. Or shaving his head while hes sleeping. also you could find the creepiest looking makeup, put it, and hit him with a bat so many times hes gonna be crying! or you could just like i said befor find some bugs and put them on there and wait for the fireworks. Id go with red ants. ik i have a sick twisted mind set on destruction.

  Cinn_fml  |  22

Oh, yeah, real funny to poke holes in condoms and get revenge on more than just the dickhead guy.
Also, just because we have different senses of humour doesn't mean you need to call me a bitch, regardless of whether or not you add a :).

Also, to the other person - books can be funny you know. And there's nothing wrong with reading them.

  cldean24  |  4

What kind of creature is that, 24? It really is adorable.

By  101autie  |  0

wow dude thats sux
oops i have too pay my dad a dollar
he makes me and my sister pay a dollar everytime we say dude cuz of over usage of the word dude oops another one! im loosin big money