By Stacy - 21/03/2009 00:43 - United States

Today, I went into my older brother's room to get a condom. This happened the other day too when my boyfriend forgot one. So I went in and there was a note that said, "Stop using my condoms. And your boyfriend sounds like a girl when he climaxes." FML
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What was the brother doing listening to his little sister having sex. Ewww... **** his life..

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Why steal condoms from your brother? Get your own you lazy bitch.

Um everyone knows That's the guys job. Besides. Better steal them and be safe than risk it

THAT IS SO EMBARASSING! Hahaha next time, don't forget to bring condoms. Better yet, do it somewhere else from now on.

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i agree but wouldnt she know if her brother was there while they were having sex? 0.o

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your brother is made if pure win

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LMFAO, That's great! if he knows already take the whole damn box :D

Hahaha! But where will she go when they run out?

What was the brother doing listening to his little sister having sex. Ewww... **** his life..

hahhahahahhaha the creepy, FYL part of that is that your having sex with everyone home and that your brother is listening in EDIT: damn 4 beat me

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LOL. Thats kinda gross though. Also, having sex while people are home is just asking for a "FML" moment.

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if hes that loud her brother cant help but hear, i doubt he was listening on purpose anyway if ur old enough to have sex, ur old enough to get ur own damn condoms!!

it should be FHL, he could hear his sister and her bf having sex... your brother is funny, now take it somewhere else.

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I agree, op's brother sounds awsome! I'd rather buy my own condoms than sneak them from my brother... that's just asking for an awkward moment. I hope you told your b/f what your brother said about him...

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A. That's what you get for having sex at home. B. That's what you get for not using your own condoms. C. That's what you get for dating a guy that screams like a girl. D. That's what you get for having sex at such a young age. E. That's what you get for having loud sex at home.

the only bad one i see is "C", that really sucks. plus the guys is cheap, if he's nailing you at least buy condoms dude, shit

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Who said their young? She could be like 18 or something. My brothers 21 and lives at home.

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doesnt change the fact that she needs to get her own condoms