By what434 - 08/03/2010 13:19 - United States

Today, I learned that you don't put your diamond earrings on over your bathroom sink. FML
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Gobsnoglin 0

Or if you do put them on over the sink, put the stopper in the sink first!

Well I hope it impales a goldfish in a gutter somewhere so at least someone can look fierce in them.


y don't u just look in the pipes below the sink....

well it's a good thing u learned it before you dropped one in there.... right....

12th. see? isn't that just a worthless comment?

Horney4her69 0

you can, just close the drain.

more like 15th... fail

@15 you're 15... good job actually 12 has the best comment so far so I can see why you might be jealous... If the sink has a trap just open it up and check.

OP, I thought that was obvious. oh well, at least you learned the lesson! ahah

tomahawkinyouall 0

haha or try taking them off when youre in the shower like me and watch them go byebye down the drain

deliciouscake 3


@38 NOW WHY...... y would u take them off IN the shower???

tomahawkinyouall 0

well I forgot I had them in and I set them down next to the shampoop and then they were gone

tomahawkinyouall 0

hmm well idk why I did it.. I was like 8 though. haha

Cynical_AbInitio 0

Shampoop lol

You should take them off in the kitchen instead. YDI

tomahawkinyouall 0

sha poopi

^ fine ass :) op you are one sad fuck..

no, u take'rm off at de dinner table..! or just don't even put it on.... just save'em in de box! lol

tomahawkinyouall 0

why the dinner table??

Ever heard of a p trap?

silly, cuz if u do then u won't drop it in ur sink! lol i was just making fun of op....! gotit?!

tomahawkinyouall 0

ugh of course!!! silly me, I shouldve known.. lol

acually, you're 15...

tomahawkinyouall 0

no fighting ppls

tomahawkinyouall 0

ok why have all my comments been erased

Because a lot of them have been easily out of line. Try keeping your comments in line with the commenting rules, and we can keep the deletions to a minimum ;)

gigi_bella 0

My nine year old sister knows not to put on earrings from Target over the sink.

u_killed_kenny_ 0

me thinks op is retarted. me is right

pipp360 0


WhatANoob 0

hey dumbasses. 15 was saying 12 is a stupid comment. god you people are stupid

to op nah realty ur retardedto do that ushoul have at least close thdrain

thoughtcrimeno1 0

^waaah prpoer gramar and speeling is for loosers

bree128 0

no shit Sherlock!!!!

okay, here's what you do... Step 1, don't scroll down and see how easy it is to get them back Step 2, call me and offer a BJ in exchange for getting them back Step 3, deliver said BJ Step 4, sit back and wait for me to do some mystical manly magic Step 5, give me some anti-bacterial soap because it is a dirty job

exactly. It's not that hard to think and check the trap and pipes, or just close the drain ahead of time. It's not rocket science. But that does really suck. But if you find them, they'll be all better with a little cleaning and especially disinfecting.

What's the point of having diamond earrings if you just keep them in the box?

YoungE 0

good job... took yu that long to realize...

how long is that long?

KurouTenshi 0

is it, like, 5 years long, or, 14 inch cock long? or how about 5 Dolllar foot long? :O

KurouTenshi 0

oh I'm glad you liked it ;) I've got a million more ;o

jason2468 0

I like the pic

Cynical_AbInitio 0

kurou, shouldn't u be bombing dodompas right now??

KurouTenshi 0

dodongos* and I've already bombed some before classes today. but I ran out of bombs, so the dodongos will have to wait until I go to work tomorrow and buy more.

KurouTenshi 0

@63 PM me? most of them are swing and miss, but the hits are full of hilarious smiles per gallon.

Cynical_AbInitio 0

Oh dodongos lol. Gotcha

KurouTenshi 0

I'll have to find a new Dodongo breeding ground, however. I've bombed so many they've stopped respawninf D:

u can stop right there.... no more "giggly "comments! lol

tomahawkinyouall 0

good grief

^ Look, it's Charlie Brown!

tomahawkinyouall 0

haha yessss!

Look, it's Resquall!

I bet you won't do that again.

tehslack 5

stupid as hell.

Icarus_II 0

".....then, a few seconds later I found out how to turn on the computer. Randomly typing on some strange device I ran into a website called 'FML'. I wasn't sure what it meant but it made me laugh. I then signed up and told the world how I have 0 common sense. FML (whatever that means)"

KurouTenshi 0

just get the Turbo Snake and fish'm out!!

Well I hope it impales a goldfish in a gutter somewhere so at least someone can look fierce in them.

tomahawkinyouall 0


mmastermetallica 0

nice, creative

MASTAR. MASTAR! Master of puppets is pulling the striiiiiiiings. (your name.)

mylifeisover1305 0

5th:) and wow what an idiot u are

lindsaysue 4

You seriously just called someone else an idiot? Wow.

jason2468 0

@7 FAIL!!!!!

Gobsnoglin 0

Or if you do put them on over the sink, put the stopper in the sink first!

lolgirls2010 0