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  DGross  |  8

@15 you're 15... good job

actually 12 has the best comment so far so I can see why you might be jealous...

If the sink has a trap just open it up and check.

  Sirin_fml  |  46

Because a lot of them have been easily out of line. Try keeping your comments in line with the commenting rules, and we can keep the deletions to a minimum ;)

  ZachIsASaint  |  1

okay, here's what you do...
Step 1, don't scroll down and see how easy it is to get them back
Step 2, call me and offer a BJ in exchange for getting them back
Step 3, deliver said BJ
Step 4, sit back and wait for me to do some mystical manly magic
Step 5, give me some anti-bacterial soap because it is a dirty job


exactly. It's not that hard to think and check the trap and pipes, or just close the drain ahead of time. It's not rocket science. But that does really suck. But if you find them, they'll be all better with a little cleaning and especially disinfecting.

  KurouTenshi  |  0

dodongos* and I've already bombed some before classes today. but I ran out of bombs, so the dodongos will have to wait until I go to work tomorrow and buy more.

  Icarus_II  |  0

".....then, a few seconds later I found out how to turn on the computer. Randomly typing on some strange device I ran into a website called 'FML'. I wasn't sure what it meant but it made me laugh. I then signed up and told the world how I have 0 common sense. FML (whatever that means)"