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Today, I was at the store, when I saw my boyfriend in line in front of me. I looked to see what he was purchasing; it was a pack of condoms. When I questioned him, he said that, "They're for us, babe!" We already have an unopened pack at home, and it's my time of the month. FML
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rg350dx 29

Maybe he's planning on doubling up to, "part the red sea."

Well he could have forgotten both those facts. I end up picking up stuff I thought I was out of all the time.


rg350dx 29

Maybe he's planning on doubling up to, "part the red sea."

I bet that made you menstrually frustrated OP

simplysarcastics 26

Lol i love her username.

He wants to re paint her wallpaper.. Sexy time :P

You are an evil genius. When I posred my comment you were Number 1 with just Letter M as your comment. I say how the edit function can be leveraged now. Unfortunately I cannot edit from my phone app =(

yes you can, tap the little red circle thingy that's there for 45 seconds or so...

A wise man once said: "When the river runs red, take the dirt road"

Were they ribbed for your pleasure? Lubricated? maybe it's not a quantity but a quality/variety issue. Optimism!

Well he could have forgotten both those facts. I end up picking up stuff I thought I was out of all the time.

We all do that. Maybe the boyfriend is so anxious because his girlfriend's near the end of her period.

ageier7 10

before my wife had an IUD we used to have sex with her on her period every month. just put down a towel.

Maybe you should've kept that to yourself. Too much information for comfort.

Why is this being thumbed down? I do it too, we bought a red towel just for that purpose. The only thing period blood ever hurt was white sheets

Well, the sheets, and the man's penis. But better blood than shit, if you know what I mean.

graceinsheepwear 33

A lot of women are especially responsive during their periods. It's just another body fluid. And hats off (and more) to men who go down and earn their red wings. Now THAT'S a man!

salazara 10

like, whoever has sex during periods, needs psychological help!

#43 I thumbed you down because of being close minded cause some people like that type of thing and because you like put "like" before you like commented.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

Going down there isn't too bad as long as it isn't a heavy flow. One of my ex's had some fetish about me doing that. My rule always was never on the first or last day. The shower is the best place to do it in my opinion. Easy clean up haha.

beautifulsoul89 11

To #43:: Really??! Mija you probably hvnt evn started your you dont know wat u talking about

1PersonIsMyWorld 22

43-- ya u sound ignorant. also periods are known to make girls more "in the mood". ... I know they do for me. and my hubby doesnt mind...the towel idea is brilliant!

salazara 10

56 - Hey hun, stop telling me your life story

There is nothing wrong with it. In my experience it is a lot more pleasurable for the woman. Don't be so close minded.

Wizardo 33

To everyone bitching about periods and having sex, without the two happening at the same time you wouldn't have even been conceived...

graceinsheepwear 33

74, you don't get pregnant during your period. The period is happening precisely because pregnancy didn't happen and the lining of blood that built up to host the fertilized egg is being shed.

Wizardo 33

#75, Well it depends on what you classify as a period, normally women refer to it when the body ejects the menses but I was trying to refer to it as a whole menstrual cycle, I just got mixed up there. But in any case I see nothing wrong in the act anyway to be frank.

Smoldering 15

#56 she's 23 so biology says yes she has... And #43 every one likes different things.....

I don't see the big deal on not having sex while on your period.... It's extra lube!

or go in the shower

I find I'm in a more frisky mood during my period which is very frustrating lol. I had an ex who had no problem with it but it's not for everyone! Nothing disgusting about it though. The amount of bodily fluids that go around, it's just one more hehe :P

19 and 43, you both are on the wrong site if you thinking conversing about period sex is too much. Toughen up a bit and enjoy the openness. You might even learn a thing or two, such as shower period sex.

MerrikBarbarian 9

26- black towels are better than red. Red can still stain. Period sex is out for me because I get horrible pain as a result now, but when my endo wasn't as bad I tried it. Black sheets in general are good for hiding blood stains... Which I realize sounds creepy as hell out of context... Especially with my icon. Lol oh well. There is my two cents on it :p

You can technically still get pregnant while you're on your period, even though it less common than other times of the month. Sperm can live for two to five days, and different women ovulate at slightly different times in their cycle. For example, if a girl ovulated earlier, at day 10 of her cycle, and she has sex on day 5 of her cycle (during menstruation), she could become pregnant.

I don't mind ketchup on my hot dog as long as the bun is tight.

He's just stocking up for the winter time lol

The more the merrier!

Weather predictions: Heavy snow ;-)

46 - I sure hope OP's tires can handle it ;)

#49 could be some sharp drifting ;-)

Expect a few more inches?

threer 30

C-c-c-combo breaker!

Uh oh. That's troubling. Not assuming he's cheating. But maybe a talk is in order.

Easy way to find out if your man is cheating: poke wee little holes in the condom wrapper (NOT THE CONDOM) and proceed to soak in a variety of condiments (preferably hot sauce or jalapeño juice). If he has a fire down there for no apparent reason - there's your answer. HOWEVER - he may not be cheating, so make sure you know which condoms have been "pre-soaked" ;)

MerrikBarbarian 9

That sounds like a recipe for disaster... Usually you are grabbing for a condom in the heat of the moment and aren't really looking at it. Also it's hard to be sure you don't poke micro holes in. The condom itself.

#103 That sounds fine and dandy until he ends up using the condom on you and then your ****** turns into a volcano. There's nothing sexy about a volcanic ****** .. unless its erupting, if you know what I mean. ;)

Is there anything wrong with wanting extra?

graceinsheepwear 33

Depends if you mean extra condoms or extra women...

No, 7, there is no such thing as having too many condoms. I just really hope he only plans on using them on his girlfriend, the Original Poster.

He's stocking those things for the a-****-alypse.

rg350dx 29

I'm just letting you know, if I ever make a porno, I will be using that word in the title.

©2013 Catchy Titles Inc. *boom* royalties

It is rather quite a catchy name ;).

flashback.miss 28

Yeah, hopefully he isn't cheating on you but, evidence points to that, but hopefully you find out the truth. That, or he's stocking up.

There isn't any evidence pointing to cheating, that's just everyone's first guess. Everyone always jumps to the conclusion that the OP's being cheated on.

flashback.miss 28

well then, hopefully OP comes along and clears things up. "Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst."

A true man swims in the red sea.

graceinsheepwear 33

Great way of putting it!

salazara 10

Only a sick man swims in the red sea

graceinsheepwear 33

44, I think you might have missed and stuck that last tampon up your ass. What is the difference if there is blood? Sex is already a mess of semen and vaginal secretions. And the couple in the fml use condoms anyway. What's the problem? Everyone has opinions but you shouldn't be calling people sick who are less hung up than you.

44-like, are you 14? STFU

salazara 10

Looks like I hit a nerve......ouch! it's not my fault I offended you - I was sharing my opinion just like everyone else! RUDE!!!!!!!!

salazara 10

Me 14? I'm not the one throwing a tantrum over a comment!!!! Grow up!

58 - Actually it seems like you are the only one throwing a tantrum over a comment.

RedPillSucks 31

If you use your opinion to call other people sick because they do something you don't, then you deserve then thumbing and flaming. You basically started it with your rude assumption. I myself probably wouldn't have sex with someone on their period, but I'm not going to label people who do.

salazara 10

63 - well I did just let it be!

therealafroninga 10

71, are you being visited by your aunt flow? Sex may relieve some stress...

^She's sounding like she need a bit of relief. But she hates period sex so I doubt she will get herself off. All of us fellow FML commenters and readers must deal with her wrath.