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By Crash - 30/06/2010 23:06 - United States

Today, I saw a woman still texting on her phone as she started to drive away when the light turned green. I made sure to stare her down and give her a dirty look because she wasn't paying attention to driving. She laughed as I rear-ended the car in front of me. FML
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Why didn't you ram her? That way 2 unsafe drivers would have been off the road.

Dammit, people that don't pay attention are annoying. I mean really, did you HAVE to stare that poor woman down? Next time, keep your eyes on the road.

the op wasn't texting he/she was just not paying attention, which I'd the same as texting or eatingor putting your make up on

Or maybe they thought you were an asshole just speeding around, #32. Seems rational. Happens a lot here. If you're having an emergency and drive that way, you should be expecting others to respond the way they did.

the person shouldn't have been texting and driving, but it was very immature and dangerous of you to stare the person down instead of watching the road. mind your business next time.

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you have alot to say don't you #32? why don't you just say "I'm over-opinionated" and we'll fill in the rest?

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casting the 1st stone, eh? your fault YOU weren't following the rules. keep your hypocrite eyes on the road.

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I'm trying to come up with words that start with M .. moron .. lol

Well, who's really the arsehole in this story? The women who *might* have caused an accident, or the one who actually crashed as she bitched about the other driver? Exactly.

32 if you have an emergency "that could cost a life" try 911 and an abulance next time.. otherwise you could get the brake check.. guess whose fault it would be if you rear end them

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32. no1 likes your really long comments and no1 reads them

Krajjan 9

78: Ambulances are both expensive and, in the case of people like me that live in the middle of nowhere, take an extremely long time to arrive. I can get someone to the hospital in my truck before an ambulance would even show up. What's up with you people and actually believing the system works?

whatever happened to doesn't matter wgat others do but what you do?

85 and when you wreck because you were speeding to the hospital it's going to cost you more, and hurt whoever you are taking worse then if you had called an ambulance and waited..

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# 9 WINS. LMFAOSHIFOTT (laugh my ******* ass off so hard I fell off the toilet) OP... MYOB !!

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Freeze, I love your new picture. I agree with it. :)


lovemysnubber 0

my mom does this it's stupid oooooooo threatening look oh my now I'll put my halo back on and behave :) no stares do nothing...cept add more danger to driving

dam hypocrit u giv us male drivers a bad name, waits ****** go and next time (if there is a next time) just don't bother with idiots like that

101 you say the law is not always right.. but it is there for a reason.. to protect innocent drivers from idiots idiots who want to speed and run lights. you say you called an ambulance and made it to the hospital faster.. so either you left b4 it got there or sped to the hospital after the person was in it.. which either one would make no sense at all.. you're obviously not a paramedic.. let them do their jobs

crazycar 0

that's what u get for being a douche

110 and yet you knowingly and willingly break the law.. you're completely ignorant and have no respect for anyone else.. which is obvious by your blatant disregard of the safety of every other driver on the road.. people like you need to have their license permanently revoked

I'm pretty sure speeding is illegal no matter what. If it's a medical emergency, call an ambulance. You don't get special rights if something's wrong and you're not in a state car such as an ambuland/fire engine/ etc. And by the way, not all speeders are "teenagers acting like twats". Usually they're self-absorbed, middle-aged assholes who like to blame everything on sixteen year old girls. THAT'S why I don't have my license yet, because I'm afraid some dick is going to ram right into me because he doesn't like that I'm going the speed limit in the left lane when he wants to go twenty over.

124: He's not bitching about a speeding ticket, which would have been the natural and foreseeable cost of his decision to speed. He's bitching about people weighing in on his decision to take that risk, by illegally blocking him into a traffic jam when they have no authority to act as a representative of the law. It's a more moderate form of vigilantism. Vigilantes or meddlers assume they're doing the "just" thing, when in reality, they're just breaking a different law-- which is exactly what the other drivers were all pissed at oc for doing in the first place

slim21st 1

lmao...thanks for saving me the trouble...exactly what happened to me yesterday when the hurricane hit

slim21st 1

like to pick on people eh? well ur the idiot for doin it over the Internet i mean really? if u don't like what he wrote...don't read it **** u hippocrates....

slim21st 1

looks like YOU don't read anything cos there's like three people to begin with that replied to his comment...grow the **** up

slim21st 1

considering the emergency? it'd be the person on fronts fault...this happened to me yesterday the day after the hurricane hit...state trooper gave the person in front a ticket...we have court in September

no who ever ur talkin about isn't. but op, go gta IV and either get out of ur car shoot the bitch down with ur ak47, the go to ur phone, cheats and cop wanted down, or go to doc in cheats and repair ur car.

Okay grand theft auto crazy guy.. I did not understand a single sentence of that. Go get an education.

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you totally deserved it, look at yourself efore looking at others...

amberistkrieg 2

way to make yourself look like a dumb ****... oh and this is very typical of Texan drivers, I should know...I live in Texas :

Raleigh_bruh 7

I live in Texas also, but this pretty much happens all over the country.

FFML_314 11

I hate the word **** and there are bad drivers everywhere, not just Texas. :)

amberistkrieg 2

**** is an awesome word:) lol...and yes I'm quite aware that bad drivers are everywhere, I was merely making that statement based on the fact that the op is from Texas. if she was from Illinois or any other state, other comments would be saying the same thing...relax ;)

FFML_314 11

I'm not trying to like jump on you or anything, I see what you're saying. I just had an urge to comment lol. I'm relaxed, I'm relaxed. Lol.

Raleigh_bruh 7

I'm relaxed. :] Just saying, you kinda insinuated that most Texan drivers do things like this when you said "...this is very typical of Texan drivers". I was just insinuating that that wasn't the case. :P

amberistkrieg 2

25- have you driven downtown Austin or San Antonio? It's insane!...granted other large cities are just as bad I assume, but I wouldn't know because I live in Texas, and I'm accustomed to the poor driving

Raleigh_bruh 7

Ahh, shit you have a point. I've been to San Marcos, which is pretty damn close to Austin, and they had horrible drivers - so I can see where your frustration comes from. I stay in Houston though, so I think we have the worst of the worst when it comes to drivers. :P But I think I've grown so accustomed to it that I don't notice anymore.

956TXking 0

it's worse in McAllen Texas by the border, we have Mexican drivers who think they own the road and cut you off in an instant.

amberistkrieg 2

ohhhh I've been to Monterrey, Mexico...I was terrified pretty much the entire time I was in the car, and I wasn't even

The illegals here are the worst. Avoid an accident at all costs... They don't have insurance. Most get deported after the police figure out they're not actually citizens.

Raleigh_bruh 7

Yep, Mexico is pretty notorious for having bad drivers. Well, not all of Mexico. Just close to the border like #34.

956TXking 0

yeah most come to shop and they bring their bad habits.

Veldan 1

Don't leave Sydney out of this. We're nearly 5 million and we're just as bad as Adelaide. More people + Same Skills + Worse Roads = Pure Anarchy! Though Melbourne has the worst drivers I've personally seen.

schwancy 2

I fantasizing about instaling somekind of device that shoots rusty nails into the tires of ppl who anger me.

I'm totally all for that. I think the drivers in San Francisco are the worst.

Romeo69 0

haha that's a great idea ;)

Massholes are the worst I've seen in the USA. Worse than Chicago *and* DC.

I love it when this happens to people. Next time pay attention yourself :)

tgabriel12 0

If you want to see some true stupid drivers who don't pay attention. go to Florida. op might fit In?(;

That's exactly my thought. Everybody here is aggressive and they don't follow any of the rules. The motorcyclists are the worst, though. they weave in and out of traffic and get pissed if you don't let them in front of you.

Veldan 1

I can't speak for what country you're in, but in a lot of western countries motorcycles are actually allowed to move up in between cars so long as traffic has stopped. Yet they still get dickheads opening doors on them and swerving to block them. Mate of mine got his ribs broken because of that. Car doors hurt.