By Anonymous - 24/09/2010 23:10 - United States

Today, my friend asked why I always smell like a dead animal carcass. I have no idea. FML
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Dude, get a ******* wash... and take that gerbil out your arse.


ohthebloodygore 16

Ydi for smelling like a dead animal carcass. live animal carcasses are much better

TaylorTotsYumm 10

Walk through a carwash and scoop the fungus out from under your rolls.

ladies_man217 0

it's called deodorant op. they sell it in most stores nowadays. if you really wanna get rid of that smell, you could also invest into this thing called shampoo

Op that really stinks.. oh wait, it's just you

KingDingALing 9

Shower, deoderant, and cologne should fix the smell, OP.

#17... "dead animal carcass" is not a "double negative". The concept you are looking for is "redundant". A "redundancy" occurs when the same idea is expressed twice in succession, as in this case: dead carcass. Since "carcass" already means "dead", then "dead animal carcass" is redundant. Now you know.

zp5 4

well neither do we op. instead of telling us this, you should go take a shower.

17 a double negative is something along the lines of "I will not never go on FM"L, this translates into "I will go on FML". What you are thinking of is redundency. Op I've told you once I'll tell you again stop eating dead cows. Sheesh!

zp5 4

#32 redundant people are redundant. that is redundancy.

pingpongpenguin 3

number 17 said it's "like" a double negative, so it makes sense to me.

You forgot "So fix it." or was it, "So fix yourself."

Haha_Owned3 6

YDI for your friend thinking you smell like a dead carcass and you not knowing why.

that's pretty gross. op, how do you let yourself get like that? ew. you're friend should have thrown a bar of soap at your head so maybe you'd take a hint!


OP are you the same guy who masturbated with a "stuffed" animal in the other FML Earlier?

17 I believe you mean that "dead animal carcass" is redundant.

22 -- if you asked me, if we're dealing with living animal carcasses, then we have problems other than smells to deal with. ya know, like survival. 37 -- a lot of us already eat dead cows on a regular basis. got beef??!?!? |the kid|

AlyWallyy 0

#1, I really like your attitude. I agree that people she use their own pictures and not act fake.

In fact, in this case, rather than simply calling it redundancy, you could call it tautology, or even a pleonasm. Now we all know that too :o)

A DEAD animal carcass? Wow... Ever seen a living one?

OP doesn't know why they smell bad, so it probably doesn't have much to do with bad hygiene.

hahah fail! maybe take a shower and you won't smell!!

I have a friend like this.. well not a friend someone we all make fun of... idk how one persons odor can stink up a whole room

BahahahLOL 0

yea mang, take a godamn shower you hobosexual

MetalFish 0

Dude, get a ******* wash... and take that gerbil out your arse.

coco_MOO 0

LOL, win. (: I used to have gerbils but they died ; & trust me they don't smell like roses D:

Check your car? :P Or shower more often, or change your perfume. I'm sure you might be able to locate the source of the smell if you look (or do I mean smell?) hard enough.