By chanclepants - 27/01/2010 13:35 - France

Today, I was letting my boyfriend of 4 years tie me up and do stuff to me. After finishing on my face, he then left. My parents had to untie me. FML
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hahaha lol FYL OP

Hahahahhahahaa... That is brilliant.

awsome ! lol

yeahhh bet that was hard for them lol

My. bad i ran when your parents got home. why did you fml this? by the way were through. and try deuching you smell

lol, that scks ass 4 u

wow ur cool

I hope he cums bac lol

learn how to spell before you try being funny.

174: I think it was supposed to be a play on words.

ROFL! i bet ur parents were like: "I knew this was gonna happen" :D

191: 174 misspelled back, not cums. that was the problem.

ew,that's wrong.why wud he leave.

cum means jizz dumbass

(replying to #118)

omg best fml ever. better then the throwing rocks at a hobo one!

lmfao wowwwwe lolcrofmlao that sucks wat did they say

that's so hot what's ur number;)

yea why the fuck did he leave??? What a dick. I mean im laughing my ass off!!! but ewwww imagine the smell of sperm on your face all that time. yuuuck. take a long shower and break up

129 yur a fag shure your her girlfriend faggot

ur bf is a bamf

he's dead haha

Did your dad start makin' out with you? 

Lmao thats nasty 

that's hot OP. need a new man?


omg. yep omfg

This is a great FML lol. your parents had to untie you with a load of come on your face lmao

awkward much? :P

oogyboogy 6



if I could count I would be the one after that one^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^•^^^^^^^^^^^^^¥^^^^€^%^%^^*

seconded : P

damn straight lmao

I came to this fml

whatever the last # was plus 1

a sticky situation...

You a funny person

LOL made my day!

that's great he should get a medal for that

Lmao, a medal? I guess it would be something to remember her by because I damn sure doubt he'll ever get to sleep with her again after that.

I think posts like these should read: "my now ex-boyfriend.."



haha I bet you thought you was gonna get some o and did ur mom and dad ask how u got tide up

And did they notice the sugar water on your face?

actually it's salty not sugary

ew... that's nasty that you know the flavor and is/are (I dunno the correct grammar here) to someone's sarcasm...

Actually, 121, semen is made up of sugar and protein, about 90%. So, although you make think that it tastes salty it really is, in essence, sugar water.

come on that's just common knowledge ahha:)

Sweet nectar of the balls. Breakfast of the champions?