By Anonymous - 11/07/2013 03:04

Today, I walked to work. I later discovered that my husband had parked my car in a no-parking area. My job is towing cars. I had to tow my own car. FML
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ThatGuyWhoTalks 10

Tow the car to your guys' house and don't tell anyone

There has to be some way around that. :(


ThatGuyWhoTalks 10

Tow the car to your guys' house and don't tell anyone

And then kick him hard in the ass for making you have to tow it in the first place.

BlueFlatts 20

Or call him and come back a little later. Maybe you just "missed" it. Unless you have routes, then that would suck. How embarrassing.

Or OP should have just called him and got him to move it. Screw paying 200 dollars to get it back

Am I the only one thinking he probably did this on purpose for ***** and giggles?

53, I was actually thinking that. What a stupid prank that would be. It probably isn't cheap getting a car out of the impound.

There has to be some way around that. :(

perhaps call your husband and ask him to move it? or is that just too logical a solution.

ApollosMyth 22

Well, a job's a job. Sucks it had to be that way.

Tow it to your house and make your husband pay you to do it!

Pay? Ermmm you're not familiar with the whole "what's mine is yours" marriage concept I suppose...

23 - And I guess you're not familiar with the fact that any job done requires compensation. Regardless, OP would have to pay for a towing fee as well as a fee to have it removed from the impound lot. So yes, it seems extremely fair that OP's husband needs to pay said amounts for his own stupidity.

monnanon 13

what 23 means is they most likely have a joint account and the payment will affect ops money too.

A lot of people do not love that way. Called a pre-nup

CaptFuzzyNippl_2 16

At least you know where your car is.uh...OP does that mean you have to pay a fine?Make him pay for it!

You later shoved your toe into his ass. right?

Tow and toe, I thought that was gold. I guess not.

I heard that if you leap into your car before the tow guy can tow it, they can't tow your car because of safety and liability issues... Don't know how that would work with you being the one towing your car though... Maybe clone yourself and make you're clone leap into your car and be like, "Aw shucks! I can't tow the car now! Get out of there you wild hooligan!"

*your clone. Sorry. I had a dyslexic moment.

I heard if you leap in Dukes of Hazzard style they actually pay you.

RedPillSucks 31

Once they have it hooked up, they're not going to unhook it until you pay some money

You my lady, are an honest woman. FYL

OP never specified WHERE the car was towed to, she just expresses her discontent towards having to be in that situation. For all we know she towed it straight to her driveway.