By LizzyJones / Tuesday 20 August 2013 17:38 / United Kingdom - Derby
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  Pleonasm  |  31

He'd probably try to smoke it. On the other hand that could be a better substitute than the patch or the gum.

  Pleonasm  |  31

I've never had the displeasure of inhaling neither smoke nor dick, no, but I heard that having other oral habits helps sate the nicotine craving.

  ILoveMyArm  |  15

I never said they were bad, now did I? I just meant that in trying to take away one addiction you are getting another, you know, as a joke. Though I do agree with 43, all addictions are, to some extent, bad.

  CallMeMcFeelii  |  13

Psh.. Tiger Woods is not a sex addict. Don't you remember that South Park episode? People play around with the word addiction a lot, it just means they have no will power. Anyone can get addicted to something, but the ones who turn into fiends have absolutely no inner strength. I for one, have no pity for those people either.

  NinjaBunny026  |  16

Oh yes, that makes a lot of bloody sense: "I'm gonna give up smoking. In order to do that, I'll have to gift my wife another pack of cigarettes for our anniversary" And have you ever considered the possibility him simply forgetting to buy an actual present and just ending up giving her his pack of cigarettes to avoid the embarrassment of not having a gift?

By  Darren22  |  12

selfish prick sry op

  Alihb  |  15

Ummmm.... no. Tampons are for girls.

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