By TheMommas - 06/11/2013 16:33 - United States - Dallas

Today, my five-year-old stepson announced that he is finally no longer scared of flushing toilets. Immediately after, I discovered that he's now decided that he's scared of the bathroom sink. FML
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He's 5.. Give him a break.. I bet the things I used to conjure up in my head were way scarier and definitely more ridiculous!

Pancakes017 19

Hand sanitizer. At least until he gets over it.


Thats a sticky situation...

\ 28

No, it's a shituation. A very convoluted shituation.

Sean Connery, is that you?

CallMeMcFeelii 13

Sean Connery couldn't be bothered with commenting on fml. Sean Connery is probably banging every one of our moms right now. At the same time. Because it's Sean fucking Connery..

Who could blame him, that water comes out awfully quick sometimes

mmaaccii17 7

That's crappy

Piss off...

Haha hilarious where do you get your ideas from?

CallMeMcFeelii 13

My ideas come from an old rocking chair on my porch. She says dirty things to me when I rock on her. I rock her so hard she squeals and screeches the whole time. Sometimes I oil that ol' gal up and she's real quiet then. She's in a committed relationship with my love seat, but he's always inside so I sneak out and sit on her without him even knowing! I feel so bad about it.. But it feels so good..

Uhm... What..?

CallMeMcFeelii 13

Hey, you asked the question, and I gave you an answer. An answer that came straight outta my heart and soul..

He's 5.. Give him a break.. I bet the things I used to conjure up in my head were way scarier and definitely more ridiculous!

I can only imagine what XD

JMichael 25

The Poop Monster that comes out of the toilet and eats your poo as you're taking a dump. Got my sister with that one when we were kids. She wouldn't poop for a week.

Is that even possible? For a week? Seriously?

I had a lot of weird phobias as a kid, one of them being the toilet. Though scared of the sink is another thing.. I hope it works out for you. If it makes you feel better, I quickly grew out of my phobia phase when I was about 7. The only fear that remains is of fires, but that's another matter. Good luck Op

First 2 comments shall be downvoted into oblivion. Probably mine too.

Pancakes017 19

Hand sanitizer. At least until he gets over it.

Hand sanitizer is worse it kills the protective cells on your skin too

Till you have to deal with the public as your job you never realize how gross people really are. I used to barely get sick but now its a weekly thing.......probably has to do with I get people sneezing on their cash and I'm sure you can throw in some nasties that don't wash their paws after going to the bathroom.

MzZombicidal 36

41, hand sanitizer is better than nothing at all.

Just be understanding and take it slow. He'll be splashing around in the sink in no time.

WompWompWomp123 7

Let him face his fears. Bathe him in the sink.

That would be the kitchen sink I presume...I think he'll be a little big for the bathroom sink..and probably the kitchen sink also...

Yeah, I don't think #8's comment was meant to be taken seriously.

That ought to scar him for life

i think you definitely got the better side of the deal. just make sure you dont take him on an airplane in the near future, as to not traumatize him further.. try the kitchen sink or the garden hose

perdix 29

Just wait until he gets scared of the fan!

"Misery" made me afraid to be anyone's #1 fan.

perdix 29

Grrr. Not that kind of fan! I fear my joke went over too many people's heads.

Yeah thanks for reminding me Enslaved, it's not like I had to sleep tonight anyways 0.0

Just give it some time, he'll get over. Use hand sanitizer and baby wipes for now.