By Girafarig - United States
Today, I was talking to my guy friend on the phone. He said, "You sound depressed, I should cheer you up and give you a big hug." Jokingly, I responded, "You wouldn't hug something as gross as me." His response? "You'd be surprised." FML
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  marz88  |  0

sorry had to put this up here. OMFG Q fucking Q not even close to an FML. Please moderate better people we all know he was probably joking and she is either fishing or too sensitive for her own good.


Yeah, wtf is up with all the girls on FML who fucking invite people to shit all over them and are surprised when they do. "Today. I was talking about how ugly I am and my friend didn't bask me in attention and tell me how pretty I am. FML."

Don't be a such a whiny self-deprecating piece-of-shit and people won't treat you like one.

By  remysgal  |  0

I think this is actually kind of sweet. I don't think he meant that your gross but that you are more huggable than you realise, and contradictory to what you think, he would like to hug you.

By  billchilled  |  0

YDI for trying to mess with his head. I hate how girls always say they are ugly fugly fat nasty whatever just because they think the guy will always say "Don't say that your not" well tough luck.