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You are all blaming it on the wife maybe his best friend stole it from him and gave it to his wife and she left it there

Or MAYYYYYBEEEEEEEE, as you are BEST FRIENDS!!! you and your wife probably visit him, even your wife on her own might visit him, having formed a friendship, or planning something, or helping him out with something, and her ring was left there by mistake! If it was an affair, he wouldn't just leave the ring in the bathroom where you could see it.


1. Why would she take off and lose her wedding ring at his house? 2. If he did find it why wouldn't he tell the wife so it wasn't "lost" anymore? 3. If he did tell the wife why wouldn't she pass it on to her husband? A lost wedding ring would be a huge deal, not something to just "forget" It seems WAY more plausible she was having an affair and took it off. Besides if you confront her all sweetly it's a whole lot easier to come up with a lie than surprising her with it and c


Would it really be worth taking the ring off if they were having an affair? He's his best friend... It's not like he doesn't know she's married.


A lot of women, myself included, take off their rings to wash their hands. I'm a germaphobe and the idea of bacteria gathering beneath my rings freaks me out. Anyway, wouldn't it be weird if his best friend said, "Hey, your wife left this at my house." Then he would still be suspicious. Leaving a wedding ring anywhere for any reason never ends well.

Maybe she took it off in the bathroom and left the ring in there. Then, when your friend found the lost ring he put it in a cup for her?!?!? Or, it couldve even fallen down the drain and he found it?

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