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Today, it's my birthday. I came downstairs to a cake that said "Happy 8th Birthday Bella!" My name is Sarah and I'm 16. Bella is our dog whose birthday is next month. FML
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broomhildo 19

At least they got it half right?

Happy Birthday then (: Bella oops I mean Sarah


broomhildo 19

At least they got it half right?

StudMuffinette 17
chaps93 6

Stop complaining, you get cake!!!

those female dogs.. trust me I've humped my share of legs but they just won't stop barking up my tree.. the same one I marked my territory on.

Well they kinda remembered right? Happy birthday OP, and you do get cake!:)

Well, they kinda remembered it right? It's the thought that counts:) happy birthday OP!:D

I think OP family was trying to make it as a joke cause if they knew how old the dog was turning they should know the month but still fyl cause your family joke wasn't funny

Or they really did forget. It's okay, OP, I'm sure Bella remembered.

how can you love something or someone you've never seen?

to me, that's like a priest saying I love ****** or a wow addict saying they love life. doesn't make much sense

littlemissFYL 5

there was recently an FML about a girl who thought she was a vampire. now OP's name is bella. :P

OP's Dog's name is Bella, OP is Sarah.

I'm an ex wow addict.. we don't spend ALL our time in the computer..just most of it. I had to take alot of breaks from wow to work and stuff. also I would take whole days off to go to six flags or the movies or something. we can still be addicted and enjoy life

littlemissFYL 5

*102 cleared that up for me. lol oops sorrrry. my bad.

Jakaroo 0

Uhh so your 8 years old?.......just askin

the real fml here is that her parents named the dog after twilight bella

129 - the dog is turning eight, not the OP. The OP clearly states that she is sixteen.

guckylynn 19

133, twilight came out in 2005. if the dog is turning 8 she's not named after twilight.

TheRealHouse 7

F Bellas life, she has to share cake with a jealous girl trying to steal the spotlight!

maybe they are trying to tell her something

The bastards!!! They got the dog's birthday wrong

118 - i am a wow addict. and i live a perfect life. job. my own car. aparment. even a gf who lives with me. its easy like u said. lol

Well I can't see how this is bad except for the fact that dogs don't eat cake. Enjoy it! :D

ssaammiiee 5

actually cakes can be specially made for dogs....although thats very unhealthy for them and I'm sure this was a cake for humans

OMG IT'S MY BDAY TOO:):):) happy bday!

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A7X_LoVeee 10

Parents shouldn't forget their own kid's birthday...

NeverShoutDana 13

OP's parents remember their dog's birthday, but not their own daughter's? Being forgetful juuuust doesn't cut it..

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A7X_LoVeee 10

I think you meant "they're both bitches." Either way, joke sucked.

whisperingeye13 0

now you know who they like better

Really screwed that one up party fool! you stupid little man.


you'll just have to wait another month.

simonisnotacat 4

The bastards, they got their dogs birthday wrong!

Happy Birthday then (: Bella oops I mean Sarah

jpd1004 0

happy b day bella. Sarah u eat cake n stfu

English and humor obviously aren't your strengths.

nickdeuel 0

u stfu u dumb bitch so suck ur dick fagget

happy birthday? parents can be so stupid these days...

like you know what's it's like to think of someone else besides yourself

Hey, if they give you a new collar, you can always blame them if you get into BDSM later.