By StudMuffinette - United States
Today, I was at work when someone came in asking me to brush their pet shih tzu. After an hour of vigorously grooming through the multiple knots, I called the owner to collect their dog. When she got here she said, "Oh, did I say brush? I meant shave." FML
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103- You forgot to put the word obnoxious (my apologies if that word is too big for you) after "pretttyy!" No worries though, I knew what you meant so I thumbed you down anyway! You're welcome.

  ChibiChibi_fml  |  27

It's not a matter of not understanding that part. The problem is that lol stands for "laugh out loud" do how does one laugh out loud inside? Laughing on the inside is kind of the exact opposite of laughing out loud.

  shutterbug1190  |  14

I have 2 shitz, and actually they do seem to act embarrassed if they get shaved to short. they act really funny and seem uncomfortable and tend to hide in warm places. I dont know, it's weird. just throwing that out there :)