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Today, my little sister was being picked on by some kids. After seeing one push her, I went over to talk to them about how bullying isn't cool and how they need to play nice. They beat me up. I'm 22 years-old and got beat up by a group of 10 year-olds. FML
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Kids these days aren't scared of anything.

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Kids these days aren't scared of anything.

This kinda reminds me of the scene from Step Brothers where the kids from school make them lick uh something gross

The scene you are talking about in Step Brothers they made them lick old dog shit!

They are saying the scene from stepbrothers. I call it 500% fake!

Because parents aren't allowed to backhand them, when that's what some of them absolutely need.

You only need to take out one before the fear sets in and it smooth sailing from there.

I would have made them bleed then they would learn. Only way to make them learn these days

It's not that they are not scared, it's that they have no respect

I think they are allowed to back hand their kids twice in one instance before it's considered abuse. "Mom you're a bitch" smack smack, spank, spank "say that word again, and so God help YOU I will knock you out"

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37 are you ******* retarded she was being sarcastic

Guys, cut Reno some slack. Rhinos have notoriously bad short-term memory; he probably didn't remember what happened to OP.

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I understand the sarcasm, but I feel that it was a dick-headed, unnecessary comment on such a post. That being said, **** you all.

I guess it depends on how many there were?

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Yeah. OP could be a boy or a girl. And for all we know, there could've been like seven 10-year olds that woke up ready to brawl.

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Oh..sorry. I didn't see that OP's a girl.

OP's gender is irrelevant. A bunch of 10 year olds will beat you up even if you are Hulk Norris.

Wow man, chuck Norris could destroy a group of all 10. Hulk Norris would kill

Given that OP is 22 he/she can't exactly fight back. Unless he/she wants to go to jail.

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It's not like OP could really do much about it.. I mean.. Decking a 10 year old kid isn't gonna look good to the cops regardless of who started it.. FYL OP.

op "it was self defense" cop "against a a bunch of ten year olds?" not to mention all those kids will back each other up and get the fake cries going

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**** that if its like 7 to 8 ten yr olds trying to jump me while walking with my young sister or niece I'm not looking at them as kids at that point. They just would of have to been dealt with accordingly as little menaces that like to exhibit grown people criminal behavior and would get whatever I felt needed to come to them.

is it illegal to pepper spray children?

I don't care how old they are if they are attacking me and my sibling they are done. I would leave them on the floor.

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She probably couldn't hit them back because they're minors

Don't need to hit them. You can push, throw etc

That's what you get for bullying ten years old kids into not bullying!

Umm, what? OP didn't bully anyone. They talked to those kids. But how did you get roughed up by some dumb 10 year olds?

We have an unreliable narrator. For all we know, OP could have been bullying them, and they might have just been standing up for themselves! Or I might have been joking.

At least your sister had someone sticking up for her. Hopefully they didn't damage you as badly as they damaged your ego.

That's bad but nothing too be ashamed of. It would however be humiliating if you were a guy.

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It's humiliating either way, if you're a boy or girl. At 22 years old a girl is way stronger than a 10 year old. A man at 22 would be extremely stronger(upper arm strength) than a 10 year old.

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61, we don't know exactly how many little kids there were that beat OP, who is a girl, up. I'd like to see any average person try to defend themselves against 4 or more 10 year olds who are punching and kicking as hard as they can.

Respect101 17

#64, yeah I understand that part, I was just explaining that it's going to be humiliating for a female or male. But yes numbers do play a huge role in this FML. If I were OP I would lie to people and say there was like a hundred of them. Just say, I was fighting them off one by one and then two by two, but the numbers became to great for me.. I was forced to succumb to the brutal beatings of 10 year old kids....

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OR have your sister take a self defence class so she can beat their asses. Sorry if that was harsh lol I just really dislike bullying.

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I don't think anyone truely likes bullying, only the hardcore bullies with issues like with family or something think they like it and gives them superiority over others. But yeah I totally agree about taking the self defense classes, maybe OP should go with....

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family issues* just realized I just put family..... sorry guys.

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I'm sorry, but the first sentence is difficult to understand.

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I just reread it and I don't even understand what I was trying to say... I confused myself.. Just ignore that comment lol.

I'm sorry op but one question how did that happen?

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Op didn't want to hurt the 5 kids that attacked her.