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  dolphincheddar  |  10

you can always start a new form of art where you make the art out of various bodily fluids. I do that sometimes. I ate tacos once and re resulting bowel movements resembled Hiroshima. it was a work of art

  ryanst  |  7

I watched this show about a store that sells weird and creepy items. One lady that came in said that she "Makes art out of bags filled with pee that she hangs in front of a window so that it shines like stained glass. I also dabbled in poop art." She then bought a large jar of human teeth.

  DeepDownThere  |  3

This is to all those who said "You're pregnant??"..... No shit Sherlock. Thank You Guys. I didn't realize that morning sickness was a result of pregnancy. Go back to first grade.