By deeenalynn - 18/07/2011 16:22 - Canada

Today, I have horrible morning sickness. I was helping my daughter fingerpaint, when suddenly the smell of the paint set my stomach off. I threw up all over myself and her painting. FML
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SugarCrazy 14

I have a feeling you won't be hanging that artwork on your fridge...


this painting won't be going on the fridge...

you can always start a new form of art where you make the art out of various bodily fluids. I do that sometimes. I ate tacos once and re resulting bowel movements resembled Hiroshima. it was a work of art

whybother8 0

i bet your daughter threw a fit

ryanst 7

I watched this show about a store that sells weird and creepy items. One lady that came in said that she "Makes art out of bags filled with pee that she hangs in front of a window so that it shines like stained glass. I also dabbled in poop art." She then bought a large jar of human teeth.

cooterpie 11

#27- I love Oddities! See the guy who paints in blood? His work was amazing :)

Randuhh_17 4

already giving a reason to hate her sibling, are we?

there IS some woman pukes on canvas and sells it!

TayonaC 10

or that person that sneezes, they get a bit of money for it too

littlemissFYL 5

I bet your daughters first reaction was "NOO my artwork!" not "mom, are you OK?" lol

This is to all those who said "You're pregnant??"..... No shit Sherlock. Thank You Guys. I didn't realize that morning sickness was a result of pregnancy. Go back to first grade.

blanquito 1

maybe the fetus doesnt like finger painting

Well, i would've probably done the same as a kneejerk reaction.

Don't worry it'll hav sum texture on it ?

Of course! Sorry OP, not much you can do about that:( FYL

the extra lumps will add more texture to the painting dw op... you are helping us create a new type of "art"

SugarCrazy 14

I have a feeling you won't be hanging that artwork on your fridge...

SugarCrazy 14

Boxxy is a girl on YouTube who's all over the place and talks really fast. Some people refer her as their queen.

morganrules123 10

It probably splattered so it's more like Jackson Pollock.

true, but Picasso rhymed with hello so I used that one(:

morganrules123 10
strizz18 0

I bet that vomit smelled even better

If you threw up in her art it seems more like FHL. Either way it has to suck. Hope it passes soon.

Now isn't that lovely? You added more color to your daughter's painting.

This shade of paint is known as "technicolour yawn".

dude Ur like the 200000th person to say that stfu