By bestbirthdayever - 24/08/2010 07:18 - United States

Today, I was at my sixteenth birthday party. My guests consisted of my grandma who I live with, and my 2-year-old cousin she was babysitting. FML
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I can be your friend OP. :)

well happy birthday...belated. at least you got to spend it with family & again on the brightside, you're not grandma old yet... but you're not 'crapping in your pants' young anymore either. something to be happy about? i do believe so. enjoy all your birthdays while you're still out of diapers. :]


I can be your friend OP. :)

Me too! dont feel bad.. my birthdays arnt always the talk of the town but Happy Birthday!

haha that sucks

op sucks to be you :( just wondering, did you actually send out invites? maybe you forgot to put a stamp on them??

marinus I challenge you to a game =P

what's the game? =O

Well I guess you're not the most popular girl in school. : Hope it's made up somehow. *Happy Birthday!! :) I'll be your friend, IM me anytime.

it's ok, I don't have any friends either

Thats cos you're an ugly terrier lol jk :-) Poor OP, don't worry, I got take out for my 21st birthday.

Ali_Br_fml 33

aww, too bad. On my 16th birthday, I got nothing & had no party. On my 18th, I was moving, & on my 21st, my party was cancelled & everyone went to Jamaica to mourn my grandfather but me b/c I had to work & go to school, so I spent it crying and being asked what is wrong. So I don't feel too sorry 4 u op. I stopped hoping 4 anything by my 16th birthday b/c hoping only gets your hopes up.

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that's a pretty sweet sixteen . aha. aha. aha.

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I saw Bon Jovi in concert for my 16th birthday.

Just get over it. You're not the only one to have a shitty birthday. I spent my last birthday in the hospital to remove part of my left lung due to lung cancer.

my 16th was spent running from the dmv to the hospitle when my grandma went in and died. you are lucky.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! and sweet 16 :)

LemonpartyIsSexy 0

that is one (puts on sunglasses.) sweet sixteen

dbjb40 0

Be happy. My 16 birthday I had to clean up after my sick mother and then the next day getting sick the next day happy birthday to me....

free2speak 14

well said #74. I gave up hopes of having a big party for my birthday when I was young. Even though I have grown to be very goodlooking (yeah yeah call me out on that one) and popular, my best birthdays were when I was 16 and I was crying because I had no friends and my grandma, grandpa, and mom made me a beautiful birthday cake, my 19th birthday when my boyfriend of 2 years now took me out to an expensive restuarant and hopefully my 21st birthday (coming up), I just want to go to the concert to see either Kings of Leon or OneRepublic. my fav bands. It took me all these years to realize that friends come easily but my best memories have been with people that had been there all along supporting me and arr genuinenly (sp?) happy for me. sounds cheesy but that's the truth.

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could have been worse, your grandma could have hired a clown. curse those evil red noses & big shoes.

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some people have no one to celebrate with them. not even a grandma & a little cousin OP. just remember that & be grateful for what you do have.

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thats why im nervous about having a sweet 16. its people like you that make me doubt my life. lmao

mike2132 0

Wow lol. Today was my 16th birthday too. What a coincidence.

Gosh what downers! With all these birthday stories I think we should change "Sweet Sixteen" to something more 'sour'? :

You lost the game?

Aww that sux so sorry!!!

at least YOUR family ISNT Jehovah's witness or should I say at least YOUR family didn't RAISE you as a Jehovah's witness....then you celebrate NOTHING...FML

Brodynn 0

oh sweetie! I'm sure my 16 yr old can most definitely relate to u. Her sweet 16 was on the 20th of aug, I was forced to work that day or get fired! so I'm pretty sure she can relate.

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no one cares about your 16 year old daughter. If you were in the kitchen like a well behaved woman, you would have been there for her. YDI for talking like your 16 year old daughter. YDI for being out of the kitchen to make TrollzDdaLULZ A sammich.

Where has Trollz gone? I havnt seen her/him on here for a while! Miss that ragamuffin!

I miss TrollzDdaLULZ too!

ILovesMahBridge 0

Trollz got banned :(

41- Somebody should slit your throat. I'd even pay them.

Trollz was annoying. he was a shitty troll too.

Pooper_T_fml 0

79, that's a felony, if my death is worth you ruining your life, go for it. 85.... I'll poop in your noodles.

haha 99. i think that may just be the best comment on this particular fml. :P

atleast grannies cake was good, nd hopefully the baby was cute :')

at least grannie was cute, and the baby tasted good

ewwwwwww saggy boobs r not cute lool, a baby is not tasty! buy baby food tho, it's healthy and tasty :) lool

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Wow OP, your life sucks indeed. Try making friends, you're still young. Friends only get harder to make as you get older.

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op I woulda had you over, but the grandma and cuz would of had to leave... ;-)

well happy birthday...belated. at least you got to spend it with family & again on the brightside, you're not grandma old yet... but you're not 'crapping in your pants' young anymore either. something to be happy about? i do believe so. enjoy all your birthdays while you're still out of diapers. :]

very good point :)

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your right you upgrade from pooing in diapers to shitting colossal loads in your white pants and back to diapers

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aww that's really bad

bella_171193 0


well, if you invited people then FYL, but if you didn't you have no right to complain.

i was basically the same at your age, but it will get better! just don't look unhappy all the time because people won't want to talk to you. have a happy birthday though, and hopefully it will be better next year!

do you ever sleep marinus!?

look at the FML about the guy talking to his penis. comment 21 explains it :)

Time to grow up. you'll get over it.