By catlady - 09/01/2012 16:56 - United Kingdom

Today, it's my anniversary. I've been a single cat-lady for exactly one year. FML
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Better stay single than to be in an unhappy relationship.

That is a terrible attempt at a joke, spelling, and grammar.....all in one.


Better stay single than to be in an unhappy relationship.

What if the cat's abusive? Mine is. >.< Get out while you can op!

#22: What kind of cat do you have? A tiger, a lion, a leopard, a jaguar, a cheetah, etc.?

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28- True but so can people lol.

Time to go on a prowl! Would fit better of you were a cougar!

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Its alright if you're single op. Strut that cat-lady swag ;)

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You better get your cat something purrfect for Valentines Day.

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You could be in a happy relationship with a cat too. Or several cats.

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If her cat finds out, the cats face will be like your profile pic^

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You could always be in a relationship with chocolate. Chocolate will never let you down.

It'll run away when things get heated though.

My cat -Stan- is an asshole. But I loves him. He slaps me on the forehead to be fed in the morning because he loves me. And OP! You can be a crazy cat lady but not single. I am. But my bf is crazy too.

And cats are extremely independent and probably don't even need you OP. Just something to think about to brighten your day... :)

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If OP is feline lonely, the Internet has some purrfect online dating sites. Oh God, what have I done.......

I love banging people I meet on

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:O Its the crazy cat lady!! xD

I'm a single guy and I've had my kitten for a year and 3 months soooo I'm winning… or in this case not winning.

@ 138: A guy who likes cats. We need more people like you in the world! My boy is a definite dog person and doesn't understand my feline affinity ;-)

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Oh don't get me wrong I want nothing more than a dog. I just like all animals their so furry and cute

170. me and my b/f have 4 cats between us :) as well as 2 buns and other fuzz butts. HE is the one who wants another cat :p Only guy I ever met who loves cat as much as me :D

Congrats! Perhaps you can be cast in the next "Simpsons Live" show. :)

Ditch the cats and start dating, it's a downward spiral from where you're at

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Do you do anything but talk shit about men? It's ok to not want to date them but just because you are gay does not give you a right to hate.

Zombie, who the hell are you talking too?

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To 69 she's been leaving some bs on many posts talking crap about men

69 (giggity)- they clearly are, otherwise they wouldn't be in the FML.

Uh, they aren't the problem, it's just the only thing in OPs life at the moment.

So u saying cat ladie does that make u a cougar??

That is a terrible attempt at a joke, spelling, and grammar.....all in one.

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I had to re-read it just to understand that trainwreck of letters.

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Thes is tha worsed speling and gramar i have ever ceen

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Oh my gosh it's true! People ARE retarded! And it's getting worse and worse by the minute!!!!

You should invite your cat friends and have some cat-nip to celebrate

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i'd celebrate with LOTS of wine

Just don't give the cats any. You know what it does to their furr.

Cats are special. You should be proud! :)

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Yeah! When the time comes, I look forward to living out my retired senior citizen days as an old cat lady. Such high aspirations, I know...

I also wanna be an awesome cat lady! And I'm a guy! :P

And that all depends on who's opinion you ask... :)

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Nothing wrong with being single when you want to be. You don't so, what exactly is wrong with you that you can't get into a relationship? YDI

Nothing has to be wrong with her. Perhaps she just has very bad luck and keeps meeting the wrong people.

And you deserve to be buried in negative thumbs, for being such an ass hole.

I love how this comment started out nice but then it just went full on asshole xD