By Anonymous - 07/05/2013 20:17 - United States - Canton

Today, I turned 35. Because I'm still single, my sister bought me a cat to help start my "inevitable collection." FML
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Better to have no man than a shitty one.


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I'm almost thirty.. I can start hearing the meows now.. Sighhhhh.

BlinkandRHCP 7

Well, at least she wants you to be happy!

2 - Not really. OP's sister is either mean or just incredibly stupid. You can't shove that kind of responsibility on people. I really hope OP already kind of wanted a cat, for her sake and the cat's.

kaybee41906 13

I get where you're coming from, but cats aren't actually that much responsibility...

Maybe you're just hard to buy gifts for? Hey at least you have some company now, just don't get the cat 9 more friends :)

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which is still young enough to find the right person for her!

Exactly :) anyone of any age can find love, it's never too late!

Well first off happy birthday! Second, you got a cat for your birthday!

Mmkay1515 21

Better to have no man than a shitty one.

I couldn't agree more. I hate that it's some kind of social taboo to be single. Most people I see in relationships are miserable together anyway (one of my sources being this site).

Kill the cat. It will prevent others from giving you cats in the future. hope this advice helped and happy birthday :)

There is nothing wrong with being single.

Unless you're 35, according to OP's sister.

"It's dangerous to go alone. Take this with you."

The cat may be free, but now op has a feline overlord!

DKjazz 20

I, for one, welcome our feline overlords.

Maybe she escaped the initial cost but now she has to pay for cat food and vet bills for the next like 15 unless OP was planning to get a cat already, it's more of a loss financially.

Quiet_one 22

No animal is really free when you factor in the cost of taking care of it for the rest of its life, and to "gift" a pet to someone who wasn't already planning to get one is irresponsible and rude. OP's sister sounds like an idiot. And thanks to overpopulation, getting a cat for "free" isn't anything special - I didn't pay a cent to get either of mine, and I wasn't even looking for the second one. I'm happy with the 2 I have, but if someone gave me a pet as a gift now I'd be pissed - that's a huge responsibility to force on someone.

Since when are free cats hard to find?

Well, I figured the sister probably got the cat from a shelter or something so it already has its shots and everything, rather than picking some mangy feral thing off the streets.