By UnlovedGrandchild - / Tuesday 14 June 2011 01:14 / United States
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This is my fmylife. For you kind, understanding people, thanks, but she doesn't have alzheimers, she's just crazy, and she really didn't remember my name, but she had it down pretty good when she found out I work in antique store and could get 50% off, and I'm 19, a little late for birthdays, she's my dads mom, doesn't like my mom, and I look like my mom. All of my siblings are tan and brown eyed, I'm pale ad green eyed. She never liked me much. Its okie though, haha, it's pretty mutual. I'm gla


Yea I realized it after but I don't think she was aware Op was alive anyway so instead of saying it to her just try to telepathically send her a message saying "I'm alive!" With a serious concentration face like Sheldon when he tries to explode peoples heads:D (big bang theory)

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