By mortifiedgrandchild - 09/01/2012 18:53 - United States

Today, I came across a picture of my grandpa taking a hit off a bong, while wearing nothing but a Playboy shirt. FML
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DioMaledica 14

The username lol!!

Dude that's sick!!!! Get him to tell you stories, they would be epic!


DioMaledica 14

The username lol!!

Congratulations on being literate.

Your grandpa sounds like so much fun! :D

is your grandpa Hugh Heffner? :3

For some reason i keep picturing Rodney Dangerfield

Best, grandpa, ever.

And that's how he met your grandmother.

Farthest thing from an FML there is. Thats cool as hell.

Gah! My eyes hurt and I didn't even see it!

Your grandpa is Hugh Heffner?

I'm guess OP didn't inherit grandpa's party genes

This man sounds like my hero

I want to be like your Grandpa when I grow old....... What a legend!!

xD didn't notice until u pointed it out

Sexayyyy;) you go Grandpa

Whose grandpa is Hugh Hefner? Morgan Freeman?

I love banging people I meet on

132 go to YouTube if u want to spam an website, this is not the site for you but you get 5 points for effort

You'll never have any boring stories from him!

That's pretty dope!

How i met your mother = best show ever

Well, that ought to be awkward next time you see him.

Op can you have your grandpa call me, we have some business to attend to.

Dude, this has absolutely nothing to do with ur comment, but I love Harry potter :D

I think I need to meet this grampa

Dude that's sick!!!! Get him to tell you stories, they would be epic!

My thoughts exactly! Sickest old guy ever I wanna meet this legend!!

Best gramps evar!!

I'm sure lots of grandpa's hit bong tokes and laze about their house's 3/4 of the way naked. Calm down, it's not that amazing.

I'm still trying to figure out why this on FML?

3-let's not pretend this is news that people are fucking crazy. It's 5 o'clock somewhere :)

Awesome grandpa! If you smoke you should spark him up. If not you should at least listen to his cool party stories.

He's a pimp!!

If you don't like it, we can trade grandpas.

I have a dealings I'm gona butcher this biggie quote but fuckit: "Smoke sess well my peeps all day, spread love is the Brooklyn way."

Grandpa liked to party back in the day. Can't blame him now, he probably doesn't even remember it.

I think he secretly does. And when ever he thinks about it hey says to him self "good times good good times!"

Every few years he probably wears that shirt with nothing else, hits the bong once and puts it all back in his safe. *memories!*

*all alone in the moonlight*

what a playa. i bet he's a legend in the family

Your grandpa's Hugh Hefner?

Shhh! Don't tell anyone!

No he's the most interesting man in the world and when he's thirsty he drinks Dos Equis. :P

Fantastic! Do you think the people in Rome were doing the same?

In ganja we trust! He is a legend lol

I wish I had your grandpa!

20-I just looked at your profile thing (yes I'm a stalker!) anyways that's so cool that you had a pet camel!! I'm so jealous! But I'm sorry it died :(

Yeah, and it's so cool that your husband is eminem too!!!

-Bubble sound- Hits from the bong.

That's a good cypress hill song

Thats fucking awesome! Hahahaa