By Nicole557 - 03/11/2011 10:56 - United States

Today, after a year and a half, I finally admitted to myself that I'm in an abusive relationship. Not with a person though. With my cat. FML
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Isn't everyone, really? We let those furry little monsters get away with a lot just because they're cute. My cat abuses me on a regular basis.

lexex1 4

Pussy whipped ;)


Isn't everyone, really? We let those furry little monsters get away with a lot just because they're cute. My cat abuses me on a regular basis.

yadisingh 5

I don't have a cat. So no, everyone isn't.

#15 I meant all cat owners. Besides, I was just making a joke. :P

yadisingh 5

I know, so was I lmao. I just realized how serious my comment sounded :p

marpay 11

My neighbors cat sneaks into my house to beat me and steal my food. She has even turned my child to the dark side. Cats are evil! (so its not just owners)

yadisingh 5

^ took it too far

boarder540 12

This is why cats are evil and planning on taking over the world...

#30 Oh, haha! Good to know.

I'm abused daily by my cattin (a kitty cat!) and the following morning she cuddles up next to me and it's actually impossible to stay mad at her.

DontModMeDammit 10

My cat is 30lbs and bosses around my 120lb labs.. She owns the house.

ShroomsOnAcid 16

I hope your cat's weight of 30 pounds is an exaggeration. If not, that's pretty terrible.

DontModMeDammit 10

She is naturally a big cat, you can tell by looking at her paws, then to add on to that she is just fat. She eats just as much as our other cat, but just got fat while the other is small.

My cat abuses the shit out of me and my husband. He hides everwhere like a ninja and STRIKES!!! He's so mean but we love him. He's mean more than likely bc we named him fluffy

lol i can only imagine

So true. I have to kittens and they abuse me every night when I try to sleep by attacking my feet. But I love the little fur balls.

Llama_Face89 33

Every morning... "3 AM?! I want to hate you...but you're just so fluffy and adorable..."

OP should leave the bastard

#93 I assume you're talking to me?

pitchblease 2

Youth in Asia! Wait, I spelled it wrong.

lexex1 4

Pussy whipped ;)

Pound that pussy.

yadisingh 5

More like that pussy is pounding him ;D

You beat me to it 3 :)

That expression baffles me time and time again. You'd have to be pretty fucking loose to whip someone with your pussy.

57- Weirdest mental image in the world bro...

Beat that pussy up

nicolegreberis 0

Story of my life!

Get out of it before it realy hurts you ;(

I'm pretty sure there's a number for that..

Scands_59 14

My adorable pet bunny abuses me.

who cares about you, were concerned about the pussy whipped person!

My study desk has been physically abusing my foot.

Lol kitty wears the pants in this relationship

Now I'm imagining a cat literally wearing pants. The result is highly adorable.

It is adorable. My cat wears suspenders with his...I'm getting him Steve Urkel glasses for Christmas.

Time to re-evaluate your relationship needs, I recommend a human companion!

iDaniel525 8


Your picture fits this comment really well for some reason...