By scotsgal - 05/01/2014 05:11 - United States - San Francisco

Today, I asked my 5-year-old nephew to clean up his mess of toys. He responded by kicking my foot. My bandaged foot which was still recovering from my surgery last week. I'm probably going to need another operation to fix the damage. FML
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semper_fi_celia 9

Oh man, that's bad. Tell his mother! Hopefully he'll clean up his toys in the future when he learns what he did.


Oh man, that's bad. Tell his mother! Hopefully he'll clean up his toys in the future when he learns what he did.

I don't think the bigger issue here was wether or not the toys were cleaned.

I mean he'll learn his lesson if he knows that when he refused to pick up his toys he severely injured someone. Sorry for not being clear!

alliewillie 22

Did you kick him back with your uninjured foot?

I imagine OP bouncing up and down holding the hurt foot.

Are you on the person whose broken foot got stepped on in the bus?

Hope he knows a good lawyer... It's just a shame they stopped accepting play-doh as payment.

semper_fi_celia 9

Exactly. This is that moment in time where the parent should just take their kid outside, set up some yardage, pick the kid up, and punt the hell out of them.

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You really dont know how to spot a sarcastic joke when it kicks you in the head, right?

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Lemme guess. You consider spanking is abuse?

No I don't consider it abuse. I don't agree with it because I think it teaches fear and not respect, but that's a separate issue. I'm talking about where people actually cause physical damage to their kids. And don't say it doesn't happen, someone very close to me, I'm not saying who, suffered from physical and verbal abuse as a child and it has greatly affected him in a bad way

so we thumb this guy down for suggesting another form of punishment, wat is going on???

I would say that's bad parenting, but its not.

No, its not abuse to spank your child, but what are you teaching them? That its OK to get violent with another person?

Oh god forbid I have a different opinion. I have a whole bunch of reasons I don't agree with spanking kids, but that's not the issue I was bringing up. When you hit a kid hard enough that you leave some kind of physical mark, that's going too far. I don't agree with spanking, but when you're actually causing physical harm to a kid, then that's a whole different story.

No I agree. Because I used to get hit all the time but what I'm saying is there's no good in doing it cause I would just hit back.

Let his parents pay for the surgery and urge them to teach their offspring some manners.

ThomasBombadil 31

I don't know for sure, but their homeowners insurance would probably cover this additional surgery. That is if they have insurance. Good luck and never let the little shit forget what he did to you.

saucyrossi 18

You should "Qaddafi" him with your crutches

My step daughter did that sort of thing to my knee. I'm sorry, hope they can fix yours, the damage to mine is now inoperable. Hope the parents can at least teach the kid to react with no violence, we're still working on it and have No idea where she learned it.

And this is why spanking should never be outlawed. ..

kakakarotcake 17

They will never outlaw it in the US. States keep putting bills to ban it but they keep getting little to no support

Child abuse causes real emotional damage later in life. I am NOT at all saying it was alright what he did, but I do not believe raising a hand, belt, or fist to a child is ever the answer. When children grow up with violence, especially when it's inflicted upon them, they can develop serial mental issues as adults. Violence only causes more violence, not to mention low self esteem, self inflicted wounds, and lack of self worth overall.

83, I got the **** paddled out of me, and I don't have any violent tendencies (other than in a cage or ring). It's not because they want to hit you; it's for you to learn humility.

kakakarotcake 17

82 spanking is a way of discipline and is no way related to child abuse

I used to get spanked and hit with a Police belt, I deserved every beating I got. I do not have a violent bone in my body. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with spanking your child.

Oh hell naw, I would whoop that little boys ass, and the fact that he did this shows that the parents have taught him no manners and that type of behavior is acceptable. You wouldn't get anywhere with those type of parents because they will always defend their child and claim that he or she is an angel. **** dat, you bend them over lay the pipe to them and make them and their disrespectful child pay for your surgery.

"Kiss my leg bitch ! " I'm just kidding ... Simply back hand slap that kid before he does it again