By Anonymous - 24/01/2014 21:02 - United Kingdom - Broxburn

Today, my mum decided that having the flu and being too lazy to go upstairs to the bathroom is a valid excuse to shit in a jug instead. 5ML
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Eliseopwns 22

Thank god you know better than her.

Aspen_Grace33 27

Wow that's pretty bad. May as well start her in depends now...


Eliseopwns 22

Thank god you know better than her.

SuckMeBeautifu1 24

I know everyones wondering the same question, so i'll say it: Did she wipe, OP?

I'm going to assume no, and no it didn't actually come to mind, if she's too lazy to go to the bathroom then why would she have pre-planned having toilet paper where she shat in the jug.

#39 It never said anything about having toilet paper there...

I know right! That's what I was going to ask!!

Aspen_Grace33 27

Wow that's pretty bad. May as well start her in depends now...

How does one shit in a... You know what, I don't even want to know.

How do you not have a downstairs bathroom?

@40 not everyone has a house with multiple bathrooms.

martin8337 35

Even with depends, maybe you still have to wipe her ass. Hopefully, not though.

Reminds me of the song - little brown jug.

sometimes you can't even make it a few steps ._.

That's when you need to wear a diaper for the sake of the people around you. I have never gotten sick enough to not move though.

#9, I have, every time I had the flu when I was young I was out for 2 weeks solid, and sometimes longer. I couldn't move and I would sleep for days. Only awake long enough to see my mom begging me to eat, only to throw up right after taking it in. Dry heaves are the worst. It's not laziness that keeps a person down when they have the flu, it's weakness. But to take a dump in a jug, that seems like more effort than heading to the bathroom. Of course I could be wrong; who knows she may have taken two steps and almost passed out. I know I did that a few times when I was sick as well. Imagine getting energy to be awake longer than a minute, flinging yourself out of bed, stumbling, and I mean like a drunk, out the door just to passout on the couch. I don't mean I made it to the couch, I mean I passed out, hit my face on the couch, arms hung on the side of the couch and knees to the floor. Invest in a bed pan, that's why they have those in hospitals. It's not laziness, well in your mothers case it could be. But I never assume. ;)

XcuzimsotiredX 25

know the feeling but at least I still move despite it...

jonahwalzer 12

Better than the couch or in bed I guess...

fartay55 11

Wow....I'm speechless. That is utterly disgusting.