By robot lady - 23/9/2020 23:01

The magic of love

Today, I learned just how “old fashioned” my girlfriend is when we talked about marriage. She said it should be approached as a logically as possible and that I make an ideal partner, based on my ability to provide. And while she sees sex as uninteresting, it is a wifely duty she’s willing to do. FML
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  TxKitten  |  8

Not all women are like that. My husband gets sex from me whenever he wants, and I often initiate too. That didn't change just because we hot married.

  icalledhisname  |  11

Wow, it’s time for you to get a new life because the people you have experience with are lame, apparently. My sex drive is higher than my partner’s, I very much enjoy sex and I have for years. My friends are like this as well.

By  TxKitten  |  8

Hopefully you're good enough at sex that if you do get married she'll see it as fun. And BTW, that's not "old fashioned." That's being raised by prudes who see sex as a chire and have taught her that.