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Today, I was putting the finishing touches on my portrait of a young boy in art class. I asked my teacher if she could help correct the bad parts of my portrait. She said, "Well that would take all day and I just don't have the time." She was serious. I thought this was my best work yet. FML
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She shouldn't be teaching if she isn't going to be more constructive with her criticisms. =/


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I had an art teacher like her. And she told me, tht me and my friends where going to be high school drop outs. So me and my friends went off on her and told he takes on to know one. Lets just say she dosent have a job anymore. :D

Ha, my Global Science class got our teacher fired. One day he said, "If you don't like the way this class is being run, you can leave." There were only three more projects to present that day, and anyone that had already presented left. I can't draw for my life, either. That art teacher was kind of jerkish... she could've just lied and only pointed out a few things if she really hated it that much...

I took a lot of art classes in high school. Had one teacher that was quite a bitch. She was into having "open critiques" of assignments. We'd have to put our work up on a board, unsigned (name on the back), and the whole class would discuss each one in turn. I'd try to be nice and offer suggestions. You have to understand - Up until this point I had been taking private art lessons for over 10 years, studying masters like Raphael, Van Gogh, Rembrandt and the like. Unfortunately for me the rest of the class was full of spiteful assholes who couldn't wait to say something negative about other people. I remember one assignment - abstract patterns. I struggled with it for 3 days. Finally made something that looked as abstract as I could make it, given the parameters. The class tore it apart, verbally. Said it looked like dolphins jumping. I'll admit, I didn't understand abstract art, nor did I appreciate it... but I also didn't like that people were telling me that my piece was garbage without offering any sort of constructive criticism. Angry, I packed up my stuff and left the class at that exact moment, telling off the entire class and the teacher specifically. I ripped them all a new one, citing the works that truly inspired me to be an artist, and that they would never live up to even the worst of those, let alone anything else. I chastised the teacher for her inability to know what real art was -- yeah I was a bit of a pretentious dick I suppose, but I had a decade of "real" art training behind me at that point. I was on my way to being an art teacher myself and I couldn't understand why she was not only letting other students be such assholes but not giving any sort of guidance herself. I transferred out of that class (something I did a few times in high school, so my guidance counselor was used to it by this point) and finished out my time in the school. After graduation I found out that the teacher I hated had died from cancer.

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She is the teacher, and maybe she's just trying to be critical? DAMN, 2nd.

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The reason I always hated art class, plus the fact that I can't even draw stick men properly xD

Reply to 5: LOL You think you had it bad? I signed up for art class thinking it would magically transform me (don't judge). I sit in the back surrounded by Asians. If I draw stickmen, they draw it better. It sucks xD

its probably a BEAUTIFUL work of art! Shes a bitter art teacher who doesnt know SHYT! if she was worth anything she'd be a famous artist making money, not a teacher making azzhole comments

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She shouldn't be teaching if she isn't going to be more constructive with her criticisms. =/

Reminds me of my art teacher. She was a total bitch to everyone...

you should remind her that YOU are paying for the class, and YOU are paying for HER time. Then ask why she's an art teacher and not an ARTIST (if you already know she isn't one).

come on, she's an art teacher, of course she's gonna be bitchy. ylif for having such a bitchy repressed teacher.