By Anonymous - 19/05/2015 20:49 - Germany - Stuttgart

Today, after taking my crush to the train station late at night, I sat in a local park alone with my thoughts for a while. Two cops appeared out of nowhere and started searching me for drugs and weapons, asking me questions for a good 30 minutes. Not the kind of action I expected tonight. FML
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Shame on you for having a valid reason to be out at night.


Shame on you for having a valid reason to be out at night.

Those officers have no right to search you unless they had an actual cause, same with interrogating you like that. If that happens again get their badge number and report them. That is harassment

Idk what the laws in Germany are, but I was going to say that

Yes, that's the law in Germany, I can confirm this (at least in most parts of Germany).

4th amendment. but the cops probably asked permission and he probably consented because everybody thinks if you say no the cops assume you're guilty. but really if they already have probable cause, then they don't even need to ask your permission. so always say no to searches!

OP lives in Germany, the laws are different

did you see what country he was from it might be legal who know

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It's happened to me too on more than one occasion. I just take it that I look kind of shifty, but I can't really blame the cops, everything looks suspicious late at night.

You don't look suspicious at all...if I was a cop and saw you, I'd leave you alone. I'm sorry that happens to you too.

And that's probably a good thing that you're not a cop.

when they ask to search you just say no. if they have probable cause they won't ask they'll just do it.

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I consented to the one I've ever been subjected to, 56, because I (and my car that night) have nothing to hide. Go ahead and search, there's nothing there. And guess what, my car and I got to go home happy and free. Why say no if you're doing nothing wrong?

That's grounds for a complaint... No warrant nor reasonable cause for suspicion. They're not allowed to harass you like that. In all likelihood nothing will happen to the officers but you should definitely try.

That is DEFINITELY not true in all countries. Plenty of countries have a law where cops can search anyone or any vehicle in a suspect situation.

I'd have loved the image of you all talking about girls and your feelings and emotions into the night, that would have been far nicer.

plot twist: the officers were a gay couple and were looking for a third person for having threesome to spice things up in their love life.

People are way to jaded against cops these days. I think it's good to know that if an officer notices possible suspicious behavior, they investigate and rule out any threat. I'm not saying that all cops are just and fair about it, but there are definitely still some out there that want to keep their communities safe. Also, most parks have closing hours which are usually around dusk.

Public parks close at night? Well that sucks. and I'm guessing the cops in this situation just wanted to act like they were earning their income and just like the power trip. It'd be another thing if he was acting shifty or has a record. If he was just sitting there by himself and is a law abiding citizen, he didn't deserve this.

Lol we're jaded against them because we're killing innocent people. In fact, we're not jaded against the station, just the officer him or herself. Ferguson's a different case of course. I do agree it's good to check of course, but really can't they check him then just leave? Say thank you for your patience and leave?

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That doesn't validate an illegal search and questioning. We have rights. People are jaded because they're murderes with badges that can get away with anything by claiming they "fear for their life".

If the cops ask to check the car and you refuse they can't search it without a warrant, but if you agree to a seach they have every right to search your car.

Again, that is NOT true in a lot of countries. Most countries I've been to have laws where a cop can search any person or vehicle in any suspect situation.

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Oh **** off, you insipid boot-licker

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18, yes, here they close at 10. In the park after hours gets you a ticket...pretty good chance that's what happened here. And I'm pretty sure the cops didn't wanna be just writing a ticket and have OP pull a knife on them, although I'm guessing Germany is a lot more civilized than the U.S. has been recently.

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They didn't search him illegally

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Crushes will do that to a person . . . You should let her know how you feel, even if it may seem scary to do so. In the long run it's gonna save you a lot of time, effort and hardship. If you do, hope it works out for you Viel glück !

If you aren't into drugs you might not know the typical dealer/junkie hangouts late at night and accidentally chosen one of them to mull over your crush. In that case one can not really blame the cops. Good luck with your girl, go get her!