By mcullen21 - 12/06/2009 18:50 - United States

Today, In my science class I sit next to my friend Jill. My teacher always gets our names confused calling me Jill and her Liz. She decided to combine our names. I'm now known as Jizz. My teacher clearly has no idea what it means. FML
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tell your teacher what **** means so she looks like a fool in front of the class :)


threadjacking ftw! haha yeah thts hilarious ur teacher is an innocent person!

She's giving you hints.. Those, "Meet me after class" type hints.

jill plus Liz = lill and jiz...she just has a lill jiz in her class

tell your teacher what **** means so she looks like a fool in front of the class :)

The teacher already looks like a fool not knowing :D

Way back in 7th grade a bunch of guys in my class used to say "What the ****" and our teacher had no idea what it meant so he decided to be the "cool teacher" and write it all over one students' school issued agenda. He didn't work at our school for very long.

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#3 people who **** in thier pants may need a new pair of pants along with a girlfriend

He knows what it means. You had something on your face.

That's funny. sounds like something my science teacher would definitely do. xD but did you ever stop to think that maybe your teacher was hinting at something? ;)

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He was prob in a fantasy land gettin his grove on while saying attendance an when he finished "instead of keeping it in... he **** out loud"

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are you that one girl that always gets hit in the face with a ball in gym class?

Haaha.. I had to ask like three people to finally get that.. XP!

There's nothing wrong with your parents name you ****. I mean Liz.

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Classy, you must be such a lady.