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  mandy_Reeves  |  0

what sucks more, is that my dying grandmother had dementia...and her last words about me were to tell anyone who talked to her, that i was cheating on my husband and having a black mans baby. only she didn't say black... she said the N word. and i'm happily married btw


My grandpa had a severe case of alzheimers before he died. He couldn't remember my name. I agree with the fact that at least he said something to you OP. Thank the hilarity factor for his words of wisdom.

  mandy_Reeves  |  0

my grandma when she died of dementia...her last conversation with our family was that she told everyone I cheated on my husband and pregnant with another mans baby. And not to sit on the invisible rabbi(yes rabbi as in jewish holy person) that was on the couch.

By  Poetic_catfish  |  0

what was your reaction? I'm hoping for something like: You hypocritical bastard, you're an old man, you smell bad by definition. If so, you neither deserved it nor is your life fucked.

By  ArtOfDesire  |  7

You're so selfish for only thinking of what his last thing to tell you was.
I think what's more important is what you told him the last time you saw him.
Leaving the world did he know he was loved or did you insult his probably equally bad smell (lets face it, old people smell.)