By Mangler - 22/06/2010 13:49 - Belgium

Today, my grandfather died. The last thing he said to me was "You smell awful." I work in a fish store. FML
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this does suck

Were those his famous last words? That would be kinda funny. Not for you, though.

I'm sorry to hear about ur grandad.....but this comment goes to the 254 ppl that said you deserved that....they need to stfu....nobody deserves bad things they just happen it's life

nothing like heading into eternity by making fun of someone else. he may go to hell. so you can work hard to not go to hell and you'll have the last laugh.

tomas12 0

so now every time op thinks of grampa she"ll think that she smells yeaaaa

eventually that will be a funny/endearing story of your last exchange with you grandfather. don't sweat it now.

Slappyzezima 0

did you tell him "you will be smelling awful too, in a couple of days. especially when you're six feet underground!"

sorry bout your grandpapa

that's sooo sad!:(

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33- tell me that was a joke lol. and op maybe your grandpa just didn't like you...or maybe you just happened to have a foul odor at the time. either way you'll get over it

unlucky bud. feel for you

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y would u think im jokin?? i luv her for real

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take a shower fishboy (girl?)

zakkyzebra 11

wow. curse your grandpa with an evil stench until death. yeah way to go.

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You should've taken a shower before you saw him. I'm sorry for your loss

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there is alot of hot girls that post on fml, so I read these for the pictures :)

well then he was right!

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My grandfather's last words to me where, "Why do you keep stabbing me?!"

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23,that's horrible..but hilariousxD

maybe he meant it as a last joke...

uhh i think 67 needs therapy...

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hahahahaah 67

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23 rofl mean xD

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what a great grandpa

what sucks more, is that my dying grandmother had dementia...and her last words about me were to tell anyone who talked to her, that i was cheating on my husband and having a black mans baby. only she didn't say black... she said the N word. and i'm happily married btw

KiddNYC1O 20

ngr mans baby? lol

i feel sorry that your grandpa had to smell that before he died lol

suck it up I didn't het to talk to mine before he died

KiddNYC1O 20

97- ditto

ArtIsResistance7 1

My grandpa had a severe case of alzheimers before he died. He couldn't remember my name. I agree with the fact that at least he said something to you OP. Thank the hilarity factor for his words of wisdom.

Yea they did but that was his last words to her. not exactly what you'd want to hear from your dying grandfather.

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91, WTF!!!

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33 um your starting to creep me out.

Eamon128 1

haha yeah really 33.

Maybe your smell killed him.

korn247 5

idw say ydi, but couldn't have covered the smell??

yeah 33 leave snuggled alone! hehe

obviously your grandfather was very old and might have lost a bit if his mind. also, be thankful you have a job in this economy

Antwerpen <3 There arent all that many fish stores there :P

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YDI it for giving a damn.

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I'm sorry if I am , it's just that ur so pretty... I didn't mean to creep u out

You never know... maybe the stench killed his Grandfather. Who knows. YDI for working at a fish store.

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somehow, I really doubt this happened. sounds FISHY to me. but just incase it did... Best. Last. Words. Ever.

Hahahaha good one! :D

:[ sorry to hear that |the kid|

happy_martin 5

my grandma when she died of dementia...her last conversation with our family was that she told everyone I cheated on my husband and pregnant with another mans baby. And not to sit on the invisible rabbi(yes rabbi as in jewish holy person) that was on the couch.

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That is so sad! Thank you for sharing that.

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is a good rapper kudos sir

socceerdude101 (33). that is absolutely pathetic.

soccerdude101 0


you gotta thing for azn chicks, eh?

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What did 33 (soccerdude101) say? the comment disappeared.

Agreed in wondering. Particularly because I was comment 33 and I am not soccerdude. Or at least I am 33 on my screen

soccerdude101 0

no it's jus her

rawr_cupcakesand 0

I'm guessing the comment got deleted and everything was renumbered.

5 me too meow (=^.^=) and your name reminds me of disgustingness :(

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awwww :( fyl

So apparently...he was correct. Shower before the service please.

what was your reaction? I'm hoping for something like: You hypocritical bastard, you're an old man, you smell bad by definition. If so, you neither deserved it nor is your life fucked.

Now he smells, too!

hey, let pay some respect to the dead

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how? hose em down with Lysol? or febreeze?

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62, lmao!!

You're so selfish for only thinking of what his last thing to tell you was. I think what's more important is what you told him the last time you saw him. Leaving the world did he know he was loved or did you insult his probably equally bad smell (lets face it, old people smell.)

Sorry to hear that FYL